Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mini, the Garbage Collector

(via Sridhar Lakshmanan)

Mini's Story.
Meet Mini, yes that's his name and he is a collector. Yes his is a very important job, else your life and mine will stink . Yes he is a garbage collector. He is s regular phenomenon in east streets of Thiruvanmiyur he was inducted into this by some of the residents In order to give him a livelihood. He is a gypsy in Tamil a Narikurava, he has been collecting garbage for more than 20 yes and has seen competition from MNCs but the community has stood by him. He says he has seen garbage collected by the corporation in bullock carts.

Did u know that Narikuravas trace their lineage to the gypsies in Europe. They used to hunt foxes and birds and hence this name. But they are very deft in shaping wood wire and making bead necklaces.

They have a nice sense of Color and these beads are sought after by Europeans. They don't chase gold like us but pearls and gypsies make pearl necklaces too. I have seen them make it on the go in buses. I have seen foreigners go ga ga about it.

Me and my friend Karthi Keyan are planning to work with them to make those necklaces and place them in nice boutiques and package them well and sell abroad. Some well wishers have also committed funds. Another thing is they travel to Delhi or Calcutta at least once or twice a year to get the beads.

Another group in Trichy the largest called NEWS Narikorava Educational Welfare Society have formed their own producer company and created a brand called" chidiya" meaning bird in hindi. The gypsies speak a language that includes some Tamil and Hindi also. 
They are not under Schedule Tribe but OBC despite their historic and economic background. The current Govt had given them this assurance and agreed in principle. However the central Govt is yet to give nod they are too small a population for a MP election. Hope our endeavour is helpful to them as well as us.

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