Sunday, 19 June 2016

Theism and Atheism and Science

I am theist. By that for all the atheists I becomes a superstitious illiterate, and beneath their attention. But my theism is such that no self respecting theist will take me into his/her fold. So its a nice quiet place finally !

Narayana Sarma
 I find some of your concepts, especially this position against 'science' problematic. I consider myself a scientific person. Its like "I reason, so I am human, so I am scientific" thing for me. So I don't see anyone in the contemporary world who is not scientific. Only I see people applying the four essential principles of science to varying degrees in their lives, sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes out of a wide range of motives. And I am not an atheist. I prefer to take the position of an agnostic usually, but somewhere deep, I guess I am actually a theist. And my understanding of God does not deter me from being a firm believer in science: to me Science and Religion are not antithetical to each other. And I have thousand and one problems with the village 'superstition'. I disapprove black magic, pompous poojas, rituals. More so, if they are undertaken keeping some 'purpose' in mind- even if it be for the noblest of purposes like 'health'. I see people in my village are not all Gyanis- they have their own share of Agyan, like I have mine. And they are prone to make mistakes like my very own self: none of us are infalliable. I disapprove when girls are denied essential medical services in the name of tayettus, mantrams and shares when boys are rushed to hospitals in nearby towns. oh- more later.

Aparna Krishnan  have seen a mindless rejection of village practices and know that my response has swung to the other end. Still you have not answered my concern - 'to rejet concepts like mantrams that moden science cannot answe ris deeply 'unscientific'. Regarding religion, every perversion therein of course needs to be addressed. Start a new bhakti movement, and I will sign up as follower ! Regarding village agyan, again of course each needs to be faced and addressed. Still, a village community structure is far more humane. A city isolates people and hearts.

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