Sunday, 25 September 2016

FB Discussions - Boycotting Unilever and Further

We need to boycott Unilever. But - the option cannot and should not be another company. It has to be moving away from all corporate offerings. Towards livlihood enhanceing, small scale productions only.
Only if the tempo built up has that as the larger picture will it lead to freedom.
Gram Swaraj.
Shafi Patel Please put a list of viable alternatives. Idealism has to survive market shocks.
Aparna Krishnan One has to look locally and make efforts. Khadi outlets, small organic shops. One needs to get friends together, and create an order for bath powders and soaps, and get villages to make them. Our village will make, for instance, if assured a buyback. We will work out soap and bathpowder formulations. I am sure the same can be organised with closer villages also. Yes, its not made-to-order, and its all a nbit of work.
Krishna Kanth Telikepalli as much from Patanjali and other equivalents.. 

Shafi Patel Move from one thug to another? 

Mohammad Chappalwala If you shift from one act of consumerism to another it will not help #wontbuyunilever you need to see local alternatives. Forget every brand that markets as herbal, natural, eco friendly, Use stuff in the original form. Soap nut reetha is one such magic plant based cleaner for many washing and cleaning needs. 

Vipin Sharma But what about the livelihood of thousands of workers employed by Unilever? Please take the entire perspective and gamut into consideration please do not be judgemental...
Shafi Patel Unilever uses the contract system.Please visit their factories. Another angle to reckon with.
Mohammad Chappalwala Vipin whataboutery cannot work here, it is similar to asking stop wars but think about thousands employed in manufacturing weapons, lockheed martin, rafaels also have employees
Vipin Sharma Yes but it is better to have a bird in hand rather than two in the bush, in a recent incident, some of the so called educated and suave white collared Unionists instigated some loaders working on contract at Delhi Airport to organize themselves into a workers Union, 54 workers were immediately sacked by the contractor, now the case is in the Labour court and it will take another 25 years for an outcome, now no body bothers for the sacked workers or how they are manging their families. It is very easy to sit in a comfortable environment and pass judgements but the reality is something else all together. It is a huge gap between demand and supply that is creating a glut in the job market and a free hand that all the Indian Governments give to the contractors which leads to exploitation of labour in India.
Shafi Patel The OP was about local employment and economy,not large organisations.
Shafi Patel You just buttressed my point about contract labour. If government is sincere,why doesn't it provide meaningful employment to the needy?
Vipin Sharma The world is not fair, the earlier we realize this bitter truth the better.

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