Friday, 9 September 2016

FB Discuussions - Open Defecation.

I wish we could pack off all educated morons to america or to mars. i will also contribute towards their tickets.
Most important, urgent problem India is facing -- Open Defecation. Clean Air, Water and poison free food can wait. And we village idiots, who take care of their shit is advised by city morons, who do not know where their shit finally ends up and use another human to clean a clogged septic tank, to use water intensive, chemical using toilets which pollutes the only common well in a village. Who ever invented this great idea of mixing faeces with water end expecting it to decompose easily?

Chitra Iyengar There are morons everywhere. All educated people are not morons and all the morons are not the educated people. We need to watch what we say ... does it mean we should be happy with uneducated morons?
Prakash Thangavel Then why this condescending report which paints villagers as total idiots who do not know what is good for them? Should not they have been more careful with words like "behavioral changes" as if villages are zoo and people inhabiting them are inmates?
Chitra Iyengar Prakash Thangavel Your argument is at a tangent. No one has painted villagers as idiots. It is the declining health that is the issue.. Any alternative suggestions, if any should be out forward. It is easy to be offencive to a review. I understand
Prakash Thangavel What is the reason behind declining health? Open defecation or poisoned food? How building a toilet would enhance the health of the village community? I understand the need in congested cities, but in a village is it needed? If you are obsessive about building toilets, build a ecologically friendly pit latrine instead. But that wont happen since you have to deal with shit even though it is decomposed and a very good manure? And toilets were recent addition to our lives and before that too we were healthy
Aparna Krishnan People are educated into foolishness and superciliousness. A deadly combination. that is killing this country. Pack them all off with a golden handshake !!
Chitra Iyengar Yes one of the main causes for ill-health is open defecation. Villagers, according to you eat organic and natural food. No cause for concern. It is the city people who eat 'poisoned' food.
Prakash Thangavel With your logic, by now villages should have disappeared because of open defecation The city people just don't eat poisoned food, they poison the rivers too. Just look at Cauvery at Erode and you will see where sewage ends up and we have to use that water for drinking and farming. Is that not a bigger concern than photo ops like swach bharat?
Chitra Iyengar Prakash Thangavel Ill-health due to one cause doesn't make places disappear from the history. Compare the epidermic cholera in the 40s and now. I would still keep my stand as you do. Thanks but no thanks. TB used to kill people. spread through phlegm. We learn the hard way. So let it be
Rohit Shetti There are times when I thank almighty for all the brain-drain that has happened.
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan  in my early days i used to rue the brain drain. now i also thank the almighty who in his infinite wisdom ensured some small chance for this land by sending away at least some to 'greener pastures'. This is a land sadly burdened with its Educated.
Aparna Krishnan Unless the ordinary people, less damaged by education, take charge, this country has no hope. Of that I am certian.
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Prakash Thangavel
Prakash Thangavel Thoughts about health differ between Western and Eastern medicine. I don't believe tb spreads through phlegm and cholera was a killer
Chitra Iyengar Aparna Krishnan How do you define 'educated'? To me you are a highly educated person and I won't send you to Mars. but I won't say mine is the right one. We have chosen our ways.We perceive othersWe all have our opinions
Aparna Krishnan Chitra Iyengar ma'am. I have least respect or regard for my education. Yes, it enabled me to exploit, as it is designed to. I worked for 3 years, earned far more than a true hard working farmer would, and saved some money though those degrees before i moved to my village. My village people are far wiser than I in every sense - practical and philosophical. We first need to see our hollowmess. For that one needs to engage respectfully with the poor.
Vasudevan Selvaraj sludge will compost naturally as it contains microbes. We need to let the microbes to do its duty. The older style of creating a big tank, collecting sledge there without adding any chemicals and harvesting / Cultivate them to procure compost and reuse...See More
Prakash Thangavel Vasudevan Selvaraj this wat shd be taught in the first place
Aparna Krishnan The educated need to first face the uselessness, and harmfulness, of all their learning. Till them they will keep unleashing damage. Not even god can stop them.
Vasudevan Selvaraj Universe is for all. if we try to kill one, nature kills all. its true for pathogens, mosquitoes and all animals. we need to learn living with them. not by killing them

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