Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Anu Tailam - a medicine par excellence

Anu Tailam has proved very beneficial for our village people also. Headaches have got averted, and chronic headaches addressed. The text (Ashtanga Hrdayam) also says that regular usage would prevent greying of hai.

(extracted for 'Jeevani - Ayurveda for Women' by Dr. P.L.T. Girija)

Nasal Drops - Anu Tailam
Application of a couple of drops of oil into the nose is a very useful daily practice. Anu Tailam, a medicated oil is used for this purpose. There have been innumerable instances at our clinic when even some of the severest headaches have been relieved by just two drops of Anu Tailam, instilled into the nostrils. Those who use Anu Tailam as a nasal drop regularly derive great benefits. The use of Anu Tailam every day alleviates all the three doshas in the head, strengthens the sense organs and prevents diseases above the shoulders.

Before using the nasal drops one lies down on the back, with the head slightly lower than the body. After this, two drops of Anu Tailam are instilled into each nostril. After taking in the medicine the head, neck and face are massaged well. The phlegm that drains and comes to the throat is spat out. Anu Tailam can be used with benefit for all diseases above the shoulder region. Those suffering from frequent headaches can surely begin by using Anu Tailam daily as a first step. Anu Tailam is available in most Ayurvedic medical shops.

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