Thursday, 27 October 2016

Down with Schooling ?

Is 'Down with Schooling' too politically incorrect. I suppose one will be outcasted by the progressive, the modernists, the traditionalists and the very children for whom one is questioning schooling.

I have no idea on what to do for my degreed village children. Deeply convinced that they should only do desk jobs, and neither farming or other on-ground work. Schooled so imperfectly that they are honestly not fit for any reading-writing job.

A friend trying to help me place Munendra echoed the same observations. She has worked with many such children from villages, and they have a clear concept of what works are inferior for them. And they are not fit for the jobs they deem are fit for them ! And their parents have gone deep into debt for degreeing them. The 10th pass children have better adaptability and possibilities.
But schooling is modern day religion - and to question these blasphemy.
Suraj Kumar Schooling isn't actually a religion. Schools are a place of religious worship. The religion is Science. The religion worships the human mind. And like all religions, cannot change its core tenets (a.k.a. the "Pillars of Science" - which asserts a mechanistic, spiritless, predictable universe).
Suraj Kumar And it is a Godless religion. so what is unique about it? From N gods to 1 god to 0. Progress!
Aparna Krishnan My Gangamma and Yerpachamma and Vinayaka and Muneshwaradu are more benign gods. I would choose them.
Monika Sethuraman Reddy passing through the fishermen colony , i stumbled across a duplex house , and it bear a name board Mr ***** Thomas , BA LLM ... i realized self employment wont aid the betterment in standard of living of fishermen until we stop bargaining for 10/20 rupee. We as society are willing to pay a lawyer more than those who risk their lives fishing . Certainly education is over rated in our society . And its appalling that more than half our population believe that a desk job will help get out of poverty / improve their standards
 Aparna Krishnan It is deep indoctrination. Very deep. So that even facts are not seen - of the unemployment that faces every rural graduate.

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