Monday, 31 October 2016

FB Discuissions - The note that creates resonances.

Aparna Krishnan
October 31, 2015 at 10:40am ·

Once that perfect note is struck, perspectives change, choices changes, solutions happen.
That note which plays straight to the heart is what we need to find. And then everything - climate change, village livlihoods, undernourished children, everything starts getting addressed.

But to find that note, tapas is required.

Mano Chinna That magical note is not universal. As all of us know, every individual is unique. Each individual requires different 'magical note' (The trigger). This is the task of each individual. For some it happens accidentally or incidentally, for some it is planned search. It is an emotive process. Yes, it has to touch the heart not the mind.

Aparna Krishnan Yes, it is a personal search. It is also our prarabdha karma. But there is also a social dynamics to it. Salt, khadi were anchor points a nation (or a substantial part of it) responded to. The person offering these did his personal tapas. But Gandhis happen once in many centuries - and with what we are, somewhat limited human beings - we need to search collectively and act and create the processes.

Mano Chinna Yes Aparna, the collective search and collaborative / convergent actions are the needs of the hour. Contemporary 'counter-hegemonic thinking and actions' have been happening sporadically. Collective and sustained discourses need to happen in order to create and recreate the processes of desired changes which are counter-hegemonic.

Aparna Krishnan Seeds sown in the teens, seeds of concern, seeds of personal sacrifice, seeds of empathy create their directions. Teens seduced by a words of individualism (and ipods and ipads) need to be shown happier possibilities.

Mano Chinna விதைத்தவன் உறங்கினாலும், விதைகள் உறங்குவதில்லை. சரியான பருவத்தில் சரியான விதைகளை விதைப்பது மிகவும் அவசியம்.

Aparna Krishnan Yes. And we need to build that climate. A value for reduceing, a value for shareing, a value for delayed gratification. All of which goes against present trends.

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