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FB Discussions - WTO and the Kaveri issue.

WTO 1995 and the Kaveri issue have a direct correlation. Unless you understand that, you can't solve it!   

Aparna Krishnan The 'Development' god became stronger after 1995 ?

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Unwritten recommendation to move 400 million people from rural India to the cities. WTO 1995 came with an unwritten recommendation to move 400 million people from the villages to the cities. That's why rural India is targeted.

Aparna Krishnan I did not know this. I thought it was more an implied shift because of the policies 'recommended'. The shift itself was clearly mandated ? And the number also ?

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Yes

Aparna Krishnan Deeper waters than i had thought. and this is common knowlege ?

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Aparna Krishnan it's not because people don't have time to read into policies and cry hoarse over development. When they have no sensitivity over a few lac farmer suicides, what to expect!
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar I don't know about wto, but this shift is a part of the imf/wb recommendation to India. For an example of a country which managed to do this check out China in early 2000. They went from 40+% to 2% rural population in a year or two.
Aparna Krishnan Where was the rural polulation absorbed Vijayvithal Jahagirdar ?
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula 2% rural population in China? Hmm, china has restrictions on how many people can move and work in the cities. China is not just the glitzy super cities but a lot more; absolute desolation in the villages. Most of the ones who move to the cities end up working tortorous shifts for low pay.
Aparna Krishnan probably in 'made in china' hellholes in the rural belts.
Suraj Kumar and another 30-40 percent of the rural population is in the Recycling Economy. They solder out and smelt toxic e-wastes.
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SL.AGR.EMPL.ZS...
Employment in agriculture (% of total employment) from The World Bank: Data
Aparna Krishnan gosh ! and i suspect we are headed that way.
Aparna Krishnan and the population in agriculture was earlier close to 50% ?
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar A small correction to my original statement, what has gone down to 2% is the employment in agriculture. The rural population is still 45%
Whether they are unemployed or work in the nearby cities is open to speculation.
Aparna Krishnan And earlier 50% would have been in agriculture ?
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar Correct, in 90's it was 50% employment, in 2002 it was 44% and the next year i.e.2003 it was just 4.4%. With back to back drought, poor prices for agricultural commodity etc. we are seeing a similar shift in India. Youths from north karnataka are slowly migrating to Bangalore.

Our PM's entire song and dance in foreign countries about "make in India" would have enabled creating the non agricultural Jobs which can accelerate the shift away from agriculture.
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula No jobs in the cities and no income in the villages.
Prakash Thangavel Here, migration from lower and middle income rural household is more voluntary than for any pressing concern for livelihood -- every other family has their kids working in Chennai or Blr. And my village has become rurban with all urban facilities -- multiple private schools, hospitals, theater turned marriage hall, bike show rooms, studios, too many departmental stores, petrol bunks, service stations, cloth stores, residential plots all built on farm lands....
Aparna Krishnan There are more 'backward' villages also. Our people migrate purely for lack of livlihoods.
Aparna Krishnan Of course, urbans dreams are being sold hard. In the upper caste Naidu village, yes, the children aspire to engineering and move out.
Aparna Krishnan And to be honest, their remittences is what has sustained the old parents, today grazing half a cow !
Prakash Thangavel Aparna Krishnan Akka here soon it will be for livelihood since Kaveri is drying up too fast and more sugarcane, coconut, banana, turmeric are being planted everywhere. Already west bank of Kaveri where people cannot lift water for irrigation are feeling the heat
Prakash Thangavel Aparna Krishnan Akka my point was how even well off rural folks get their children out of village for "greener pastures" believing in development god. Most kids study in a far away residential schools to become an engineer or doctor or atleast get into a govt job. There is no pride in being a farmer anymore and this was all done on purpose by the educated class. Case in point -- When we asked for educational loan in 2000, we were asked for collateral and agri land was not considered as such. We were asked for any plots near cities or a salaried account to consider a loan. And the tone by the PSB manager was very humiliating. It is the same case even now, you have to a very big land holder or hold a job in the city to be treated with respect
Aparna Krishnan I know. A farmer apologetically introducers himself as a farmer. Next to impossible to get brides for youth in farmng. We have destroyed far more than we realize. Destruction of the natural resource base is a small part. Mindscapes have been taken over.

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