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Jeevani - Simple Home remedies

(Extracted from 'Jeevani - Ayurveda for Women' by Dr. P.L.T. Girija)

This chapter is aimed at providing the readers with some useful
tips on home remedies. Traditionally, most of the minor ailments
were treated at home by our elders. In our cities where there are no
readily available herbs and hence no herbal remedy is possible, it is
useful to have a first-aid kit containing medicines that can be used
in times of necessity.

A common problem many of us face is that of frequent
headaches. This will not trouble us if we are in the habit of using
Anu Tailam as nasal drops regularly. Your first-aid kit can start with
Anu Tailam (see page 189).

A good way to prevent constipation is to introduce changes in
your diet before trying medicines. Try to consume food which is
freshly cooked and warm. Along with food, drink only warm water.
Add sufficient oil or ghee in the diet so that food is not too dry.
Add full-cream milk to the daily diet. Milk has the property of
loosening the bowels. A good medicine to relieve constipation
is a spoonful of Triphala Choornam mixed in warm water taken

Pain in the stomach is a common complaint. A warm decoction
of (water boiled with) dry ginger or ajwain, helps to reduce the
discomfort and pain. The pain associated with indigestion needs no
medication. The best remedy for such pain is to drink hot water.

If you burn your hand apply Satadhouta Ghritam. (refer pg. 63)
This helps the wound to heal rapidly and without leaving a scar.

For cold, cough, and fever follow a light diet and use only
warm water for drinking. A teaspoon of Thaleesadi Choornam with
honey along with 2 pills of Sudarsanam three times a day, for 2-3
days, is good enough to take care of the complaint.

Diarrhoea is a digestive disorder. Diarrhoea is treated with
light, easy to digest, liquid, rice gruel prepared from par-boiled rice.
It can be mixed with Ashta Choornam. Gruel is consumed at room
temperature. Juice of pomegranate and buttermilk are ideal foods
for improving digestion. Dadimashtaka Choornam is an Ayurvedic
powder which can be used with honey or mixed with buttermilk or
pomegranate juice to control diarrhoea.

Vomiting can be handled by consuming popped paddy (laaja).
It can be mixed with honey. Both popped paddy and honey possess
the property of preventing vomiting.

There are innumerable home remedies, which used to be
practised by our elders. By relying on the wisdom of our grandmothers,
we can be more self-reliant in handling our health.

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