Saturday, 29 October 2016

Ten years passed.

(Paalaguttapalle, Daliwada) - And years flew by on winged feet ...(2003 to 2013)

1. The family grew larger, and relationships deeper and firm.

2. The village was extremely pretty with small circular mud houses, painted red and white. Now the houses are mostly cement built under the SC housing scheme, and it is less pretty.

3. Groundwater fell from 200 feet to 600 feet

4. Lashing monsoon rains gave way climate changes and there is no rain

5. Tanks used to get full during rains, and villagers used to go and clear sluices so that the bunds didn't break. Tanks have not seen water for five years now.

6. Agriculture was in full swing and homes had paddy and pulses and groundnut and oil from the fields. Now every food item is purchased.

7. Many children used to study only till 7th or 8th. Now the generation of fully schooled youth do not wish to work in the village, and are unable to get dream white collar jobs. They work is hotel boys or shop boys.

8. Evenings would be spent on the doorsteps chatting into the night, and now they are spent watching serials in TVs.

9. There used to be a undependable phone a kilometer away in the Kamma hamlet in Naren's home. Now every home has one or two cell phones.

10. The farmers used to run after the labour for work. Now there is no work - and the farmers and the labour are feeling bleak.

11. Everyone used to 
go to the forest to collect firewood. Now there are some gas stoves in the village - and the new daughters-in-law are schooled and do not wish to work hard at collecting firewood and other chores.

A decade passed. A generation has grown up. We are older, a little wiser. Some cherished dreams got put aside, some survived.
But its a beautiful village, with beautiful people who have space and time and goodness ...- Then and Now.

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