Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Thoughts on society

A friend, and co-traveller

"All power in every human society is the same as you go higher and deeper .

This is civilization. There is no option. That is why Gandhi dreamed of a Village Swarajya.

But that is and will always remain a dream, as no village can save itself from a combined army that cities always have .

In reality at best one can have a negotiation to have a balance between city and village . But in western society they have done away with the village by agricultural corporations.
That model is the one that sees no need for balance.

And environmentalism is a fraud by them after they have killed all possibility of non urban.

Now we are on the same route . This fake animal rights vegan is on that urban fake higher morality .

For the urban one knows they are the centres of eternal nature exploitation.

We are lucky India has majority rural still .

And caste . That binds them together .

If they were individuals they would be easy to break, dissipate and destroy.

The ONLY power the village have is their community . What other collective power they have ?

Some urban activist gathering them under "peasant" ! or "agri worker"

Btw I am not interested in convincing any left or liberal at all. So do not put this dialogue up.

I have never met a authentic "left" ever in my life . Who has thought through industrialism and modernity. All are frauds without exception."

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