Thursday, 27 October 2016

Triphala for Conjunctivitis

Triphala  is availabable commonly even in general medical stores. A decoction prepared with a spoonful of the powder boiled in a glass of water for 5 minutes and cooled) is best. If splashed on the eye a few times over the day, it heals the eye quickly.

And if others at home also use it, they will escape the condition, or get just a minor attack.

The village people have an interesting observation. they say that in earlier times conjunctivitis used to be far commoner, and that those times there was also no cataract. In Ayurveda, cataract is seen as a kapha condition of the eye, and regularly using pungent medicines (rasananjanam) helps. The village people also use other local pungent herbs on the eye. They say that conjunctivitis was a natural way of draining the eye of the kapham.

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