Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Vishnu's struggle with English

Vishnupriya came to Madras to spend a few days for her vacation. After her vernacular school she struggled thro' her English medium diploma, and is now struggling even harder thro her engineering. She cannot understand the English books at all and is up till 3am every night trying to blindly mug up the texts. 

This is a computer a friend got her, and which she is happy to have. In this drought her family has moved to Tirupathi, where her father is a conservancy worker with Sulabh, and her mother works in a house. After her brother's suicide, the whole expectation of her family is on her.

Dalit, poor, illiterate parents, Telugu medium educated ... case enough for sustaining reservations ? And adding reservations in all private companies as well. And for all children like her who have studied in the vernaculars. After all we are not yet under English rule.

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