Sunday, 27 November 2016

Demoneization Woes (0)

Demonetization is simply a ploy to finish off all the small businesses, and entrench the big business friends.
Those who think its all about corruption are innocents.

Zakeena Seethi Now big baazar has tied up with SBI , n you can draw money from their outlet..
So, those who havent been going there, better start going .. :/
Sridhar Lakshmanan one should go with one of the sit silently and watch how they are treated in the bank

Aparna Krishnan The rich only pontificate and shower advice. Catch them rubbing shoulders with the poor.

Vipin Sharma Please stop spreading unconfirmed rumours Modiji's one correct move and bold decision has finished off terror networks, drug cartels, real estate mafias, hawala netwrks, fakecurrency syndicates, betting syndicates, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, corrupt businessmen and traders, professionals like corrupt lawyers, judges, doctors, engineering and medical colleges, do not be blind to all this going around since 08th November 2016 a great date in the history of India.
Mark Johnston I admire your optimism Vipin but I suspect that the corrupt and criminal will almost all survive and thrive in spite of this. From a distance this strikes me as a move to strongly favour corporations over individuals and the claims that it is intended to stop corruption and criminality appear to be merely misdirection.
Ramanan Jagannathan Aparna Krishnan, excluded people become included only when you get to them the banking infrastructure and make their lives better. aren't we making things better by transferring subsidies directly to their accounts cutting off middlemen ? you don't make their lives better by continuing the status quo. i look at technology as the savior and you don't. that is the difference here between you, me or Sridhar

Sridhar Lakshmanan there is a whole lot of literature on how these technologies have failed them, y they are not appropriate worst the very presence is not there at least if you put technology and ask to use, for ex 95% of people with debit card in india use it only to draw cash in ATM, the other way to draw the line is to look at time spent in remote rural areas and the people there
Aparna Krishnan "the other way to draw the line is to look at time spent in remote rural areas and the people there" meaning ?
Sridhar Lakshmanan look at technology as the savior and you don't. that is the difference here between you, me or Sridhar Lakshmanan
Sridhar Lakshmanan The difference i see between people who are in direct contact and day to day contact and those otherwise the gap is huge and is a faunction of that distance, the farther they are more impractical are the suggestions more superficial the understanding, if some one sits abroad i don't have to say much
Aparna Krishnan The indian urbans are maybe marginally better, if at all.
Sridhar Lakshmanan modern banking as a concept started by the rich for the rich, the structure is not suited to cater to the pooor, this is the history of banking
Ramanan Jagannathan Sridhar, i trust in technology more than in people to make their life better. we have had enough with people stealing away what is normally due for the poor. have we forgotten Rajiv Gandhis statement that for every 1 rupee spent, only 7 paise reaches the poor ?
Ramanan Jagannathan also, what is the alternate if this is not the way and how is it different from what we have tried out in the past ? please elaborate
Sridhar Lakshmanan sir i worked in those projects and realised less than 7 paise reaches through technology
Ramanan Jagannathan we can discuss this when we meet in person as i would like to hear from your experience. as Aparna Krishnan says, you should write about it
Sridhar Lakshmanan Ramanan Jagannathan check NBFC, SHG andMFI and how they contribute, banks run by the poor for the poor in their door steps and how they use technology , many are digitised and some are linked o internet
Sridhar Lakshmanan there is a very good rbi report on financial inclusion, the govt has issues orders to create 27 such institutions
Sridhar Lakshmanan Ramanan Jagannathan i know you love to read , check this book Banker to the poor by mohamad yunus , it will highlight many of these
Hariharan Sukumar The very entrepreneurial spirit of nation is being killed. Govt wants us to make a beeline to these big shops for purchase and work for salary/wage as a slave day and our hon'able PM does every day to make our nation super power. We are following the foot steps of US into doomsday..

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