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FB Discussions - Debunking Ramayana ?

(A post 'debunking Ramayana'. Another thread.)

Aparna Krishnan I go with the community I live in. It takes a long time to understand their perceptions, their devotions, and what essential idea they bow to when they bow to a god, what the 'animal sacrifice' indicates. And when they celebrate the death of Duryodhana in the Bharatam harikatha, what it means. That understanding means more to me than all outside theories of Iliah or of Harvard. And there I question what seems wrong to me - and actually very little is. Rama is not a significant god in our village, and I cannot comment on this.
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Ravi Badri true the only truth is the truth we directly experience or are closes to. but then different people are in different locations geographically, socially, culturally. then how do we dialog across these to arrive at a shared understanding of the world ? it does not matter whether Ramayan or Mahabharath is the dominant mythology in our location, the point I am trying to raise is the existence of these parallel or alternate narratives and their significance. each location is like a piece of the puzzle and someone like Illaiah is in dialog with these multiple locations and trying to bring them together to make sense of the puzzle as a whole.
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Aparna Krishnan They dont have to be 'brought together'. If some academic wants to do it for his livlihood, or entertainment he may. People have co-existed for millenia in this land with multiple narattives. Vegatarians with non-vegetarians. Muslims with Hindus. The co-existance is far stronger than the rifts.
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Krishna Kanth Telikepalli I think even the Dalit bahujan community would outrightly reject this nonsensical analysis of Kancha illiah. Nothing in this is worth thinking or talking about, everything is a factual error and miles away from the truth. A totally biased and a motivated piece worth a crap.
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Aparna Krishnan My village people, SC, would certianly not give it a minute's attention.
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Krishna Kanth Telikepalli Infact, calling Ravana, Narakasurudini etc as representatives of Dalit Bahujan community is insulting them.
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Aparna Krishnan Or Duryodhana. Yes, that is how my village people would see it. I do not know of other SC villages, but I think that would be the common response.

Aparna Krishnan "Rajaji liked to claim that ‘the best service I have rendered to my people is the re-telling of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata’. These stories he told with a telling simplicity and directness, and without any theoretical gloss. For, as he said, ‘the Ramayana is mother’s milk for India. It should be left to itself and not philosophized. Mother’s milk should not be sent to the chemical analyst!’." http://swarajyamag.com/politics/ramachandra-guha-on-c-rajagopalachari-part-1/

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