Friday, 4 November 2016

FB Discussions - Intolerance of the Educated

Does intolerence include
- the educated Indian's terming the mantrams used in villages as superstitious.
- the educated Indian calling jallikattu barbaric - while winking at the house races.
- the educated indian calling the religious practices of the village people backward 'idol worship'
- the educated indian crying foul over animal sacrifices while KFCs mushroom over his cities

Or is is only between two groups of educated Indians dealing with each other - and not the 'masses' ?

(If I had an award I would return it to protest against the intolerence of the educated Indian. But I have been one of the 'masses', and only have my village and my friends and my ten thousand gods)
Srivattsan Raghavan The last point... Is a real punch.. Educated Indians... Have a western centric view. They would mock old people for watching serials. And watch English serials themselves..! They have been corrupted by the west and they call it modernisation

Aparna Krishnan More deeply colonised than they can ever see. The sense of superiority - they call it scientific temper - over the 'masses' is what irks the most.

Narayana Rao Hats of Aparna garu

Aparna Krishnan Narayana garu, I have lived in a village and seen very closely the richness and wisdom therein. And the half baked comments on them that I hear irk.

Piyush Manush u hav no clue whatsoever on what is happening around u .. it is so very very distressing a sign ..

Aparna Krishnan Piyush, the discourse needs to be widened. The external violent intolerance, as well as ideological intolerences that wear out a million local ways of being.

Piyush Manush why are u so obssessed with the educated's world view ..
Aparna Krishnan because they undermine the very sense of being of the 'uneducated', their confidence in their systems, their medicines, their gods, their values ... and leave them nowhere. They go and educate the villagers into a sense of inferiority. The schooled in our village are convinced that they are also-rans. When the educated realise the deep learnings of the 'uneducated' then the discource and exchange will become more level.
Piyush Manush the trouble with u is u would go back to square one .. 1. not that the educated do not follow mantrams ..the richness bestowed upon klaki's, jaggi's , ravishankar's , melmaruvathur , mata's etc both by the educated and uneducated is prof enough ..wish they really scorned
Piyush Manush 2. Idol worship has cropped up like never before in town cities villages slums ghettos gated colonies etc etc where has it been debunked
Aparna Krishnan that is an interesting point. the rich also scorn the 'uneducated', and also follow what they choose of their traditions.
Aparna Krishnan i think the totally westernised, who have given up every link with tradition, have a deeper disdain for them. They may be 'concerned with justice', but its the white man's burden of educating the native. Very problematic model.
Piyush Manush 2. Animal sacrifices have recorded a phenomenol growth growth never seen a reduction and now with Cow politics topping the charts above love jihad, dress code etc why worry ..cattle will be centric to the dialouge for ages to come
Aparna Krishnan I would be very happy if cow protection dialogue goes deep enough because then the very development model, and chemical agriculture will need to be closely examined by the present dispension. I am afraid these are simply superficial diversionary tactices, while the corporate pals are getting their handouts on the side.
Piyush Manush Aparna Krishnan u cannot own the virus will spread and consume oneself before even one knows it ..

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