Saturday, 5 November 2016

FB Discussions - Science and nonscience.

Science is meaningless because it gives no answer to our question, the only question important for us: 'what shall we do and how shall we live
- Tolstoy
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar Disagree. Science is a "dharma" of its own. It is the dharma of releasing all the fossil fuels and all the sources of entropy on this living planet to "TRANSCEND" to the superior consciousness of AI. Life will be sacrificed and yet virtually preserved and obsoleted for it to forge it into a superior space faring beyond description consciousness... Or so think the high priests, I gather!
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan They dont think ! They think they think.
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan they think IQ tests represent real intelligence !!
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar That would be a great dishonor to priests like Ray Kurzweil. He has been influential in inspiring people to believe in a certain elaborate myth that MAKES Millenarian sense to all of us science students... Which is that life must be sacrificed, if need be, but that it is worth merging or enhancing ourselves using technology to reach a point of "technological singularity" which may choose to do anything beyond our wildest imaginations. like upload yourself into a robotic body... 

Sudha Gupta That's the question Parikshit asks Sukdev and the whole Bhagawat Puran is the answer
Vipin Sharma Parikshit had only seven days to live within which time he heard the entire Bhagvat Puraan and attained Nirvana. We have thousands of life times and we end up committing the same mistakes again and again and keep groping and falling in the darkness of delusion and ignorance.

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