Saturday, 19 November 2016

Gifts from the village

Home is the place where one is wanted. Where gifts find their way to one, in times good and bad. Drought or plenty, demonetization or otherwise. Where giving and taking and sharing become one.
As soon as we reach, Eashwaramma comes with some home grown rice, a treat at any time, especially at these times when growing paddy locally has not happenned in years. This year some people have grown paddy, and when Eashwaramma and others go for labour they get some paddy as wage.

Lakshmamma with some guavas from her spindly tree at home.

 Nagarajakka with radishes from her land.

Munishwari with groundnuts from her bleak harvest, with instructions that I boil in salt water and sun
dry and keep for my daughter.

Sarojamma with jasmine flowers from her home for my daughter.

And we share what is there in my bag from Chennai ...

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