Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Jeevani - Sowbhagyasunthi

Sowbhagyavathi is given to all women who come to the clinic post delivery, alomg with Jeerakadyarishtam and Dasamoolarishtam.

(from 'Jeevani - Ayurveda for Women' by Dr. P.L.T. Girija)


 Sowbhagyasunthi is a classical formulation from Rasa Ratna Samuccaya, an Ayurvedic text. It was part of the drug kit which was provided by the Central and State governments to the Health Sub-Centres (HSC) in Tamilnadu. This medicine was so popular among the rural women after delivery that the HSCs could never meet the demand. Women or their families paid frequent visits to the HSC asking for this medicine. The beneficial effects of this medicine were self-evident.

Sowbhagyasunthi is a medicinal confection / paste (lehya) consisting of several herbs. The name Sowbhagyasunthi comes from one of its main ingredients namely dry ginger (sunthi). It is administered to women after delivery. 

Almost all households in Tamilnadu prepare a similar medicine at home called pillai pettral lehyam (medicinal confection / paste for women after delivery). The dais
administer a similar preparation made of spices and jaggery soon after delivery.
Even those women who undergo hospital deliveries are given this kind of medicine
at home.

Sowbhagyasunthi is used in all types of fever, diseases of liver and spleen, constipation, anaemia, abdominal tumours, lack of appetite, cough, respiratory diseases, worms and poor digestion. This is considered an elixir for women after delivery. This medicine is prepared and sold by Ayurvedic pharmacies all over India.

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