Saturday, 19 November 2016

Native Americam Wisdom and others.

I had a Native Americal friend, colleague of 25 years ago. As he would tell me of the wisdom of his people I would rue at the decimation of that wise and wonderful race. And he told me that maybe nothing was lost, as after so many generations this wisdom was being passed by him, a descendent to someone in India ... and maybe seen in that way the temporal defeat was not a defeat.

It look as if that will be the fate of our traditional skills and wisdom. In the march of modernisation much is biting the dust, irretrivably, and yet maybe an essence and a fragrance will survive, and re-emerge in ways we do not now understand.

Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Will be nice if you can write about the received wisdom Aparna Ji.

Aparna Krishnan This was 25 years ago, and those letters are lost and also the friend !He would say how  his people from the reservation would come to the city, and simply leave in a couple of days asking, 'How can you live on concrete places where the feet do the touch the earth', would be rather unbelievable to me. Now I am older and wiser, and see the reactions of my own village people to the city, and I know that fundamentals are the same everywhere. My village people laugh at the city milk, vegetables, fashions and also the isolation they see in the vast and beautiful homes.

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