Friday, 16 December 2016

15 December 2015 at 20:14 ·
Yes, the technology brute force can only be taken on by moral force.
(in an exchange with a friend)
The enemy is us . Gandhi and Tagore saw this ages ago .
Communities will have to be recreated . And only a spiritual movement will do it.
Humanity is lost to technology . Technology is the hand-maiden of Power .
Various creative pathways will have to be found. But first those who will follow this path, need to find their spiritual centre .
The concept of some enemy out there as a group or category is no more valid.
Mark Johnston Fixing and making things is in my blood so I find it hard to reject technology per se. I'd like to see a future where there is no need for technology that we cannot repair ourselves or with the help of a village blacksmith or handywoman. Imagine a future where the charkha and the bicycle were the pinnacle of technology rather than the iphone and the automobile. Even the bicycle can be problematic. On the plus side it can help stop a local gene pool from being stagnant however, in an unbalanced society, it can add to the unbalance. Bicycles used to be part of aid for Africa packages. Sometimes the headman of the village would claim the bike for himself and charge the rest of the villagers money to take their produce to market. The poor farmers had a little more time but they became poorer as their chief became richer, even the simple bicycle can become a tool of oppression.
Aparna Krishnan Gram Swaraj. MK Gandhi.

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