Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dharmam during drought - 2

In times of drought and lack, ill feeling and jealousy starts showing  up faintly, and generosity decreases.

I was talking to Eashwaramma about this and said that maybe the difficulties explained the change in people.

Eashwaramma said, “Manam okkari manchidi korukunte, devudu choopu challaga petthindhi, ledu kindhaki thokuthundhi.”, meaning "If we desire good for others, the God turns a kindly glance on us too. Otherwise he pushes us also down."

She was clear - 'No, at all times on one needs to stay generous. Then God will be with us.'.

Village ethics has a clear unconfused stance. One can forgive and empathize with the wrongdoer, but the wrong does not need to be be explained as right.

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