Friday, 16 December 2016

The bane of medals in schools

Saw a parent posting on FB medals her child had won. What will the child learn ?
- That doing better than others matters.
- That public adulation matters

Will it not militate against the child valuing most of all joy in an activity, and giving her utmost to that ?

Against the child's needing to pull the child behind her with her, rather than running to the finishing line by herself ?

Against learning that no applause is ever needed. And that actually one really does not count as an individual.

The state of the sages who put their all into writing the texts that they left for the good of all mankind, and even did not leave their name in them. Charaka, Shushruta, Vagbhata, and many others more anonymous. Public adulation in childhood (and adulthood), and valueing that adulthood, will kill all sagehood.

Ramanan Jagannathan Isn't that an exalted state that many won't even know is present ? Only a few may reach it and that too, after going through the levels .
Aparna Krishnan I think modern schools and modern parents do all possible to stifle that seed !
Aparna Krishnan That seed is there is all children. I have seen the village children play, work and study in unison and joy. Where there is not that much damage by society. And parents are not so conditioned.
Sanjay Maharishi What's the point of medals if you can't flaunt it. The next level is to give it back.
Aparna Krishnan look for places and people and worlds where life is superior to these, and these do not exist. i live in one such space. satsang is important. 
Sanjay Maharishi Satsang!! Neighbours are meant to be beaten, to be won against, to be left behind, to be taunted.. I have learnt my lessons well in school.
Sanjay Maharishi It makes my blood boil when I see parents teaching children thus... giving respect to medals and marksheets... as if it matters At All.
Aparna Krishnan What to do when the parents are as caught up in name, fame identity.

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