Saturday, 10 December 2016

The bane of awards - 2

There are social work organizations that institute awards for social workers. I wish they would not.
I cannot imagine the generosity of each person in Malapalle who feeds ever begger at the hut door, even when there is neither rice nor employment in sight, being awarded or feted. The acts are bigger than any act that had claimed a man constituted award.

I cannot imagine some close friends who have worked day and night for social causes as needing or wanting an award. Their springs of energy and joy...


Ravi Badri Aparna we all have our own set of contradictions and compromises dont we ? we have our failings, limitations and one such limitation is the delight at be recognized for years of relentless effort. i have met so many social workers and one thing common is their feeling under-appreciated. afterall we are human.

also awards have their own relevance. it brings to light the issue the activist is working and helps in the tasks of advocacy. the award is not for the person but to the issue. after sathyarti's nobel, there is probably greater awareness of the issue of child labour and that opens door for him to carry out advocacy and impress upon government officials and policy makers.

Aparna Krishnan The first problem it is possible to address, and the person needs to address. For one's own sake Most of my friends (and here I include a very small number to be honest) have worked away from the limelight, and with little interest in it.

Aparna Krishnan The second point is a double edged sword - and I would consider it a problematic means at best.

Ravi Badri it also serves to inspire others to act or be in solidarity.

Vijayvithal Jahagirdar Awards play a very important role in supporting activities and activists. Some activities do not require huge capital investment, some do. For the second case awards and the associated publicity help in fundraising.

Aparna Krishnan So the purpose of awards is the money. OK.

Aparna Krishnan I think nowadays there many fundraising ways, and an award is if anything a small way. And anyway the larger question of external funding is a damocles sword. Which we need to think thro'. I agree there are many issues.

Aparna Krishnan Still the heart of the issue is that an award should be immaterial and of zero value, because the end of the story is to reduce oneself to a zero.

Vijayvithal Jahagirdar One needs to remember that even the activism of GandhiJi had the backing of regular donations from the industrialist. And the huge tilak swaraj fund.

The sages of our epics had reduced themselves to zero, but we're felicitated where ever they went. Th...See more

Aparna Krishnan yes, with the understanding that one is a zero, or at least that one needs to work towards that and anything else is simply egotisn - it does not matter is one takes awards of not.

Aparna Krishnan And yet, when one is not quite there, its best to shun name and fame maybe, as these can again trap one into that egotism.

Aparna Krishnan For a good ayurvedic doctor to accept an award just so that it beings ayurveda into greater discourse, yes. But that doctor also needs to have understood that she is very small, and the work of millions has enabled her to say and do what she is. Anyway the friends I have are there, so then its ok i suppose.

Aparna Krishnan But the essential idea of awards is to feed the ego. That I object to basically.

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