Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Power to Inspire.

During his tour of Southern India in connection with the anti-untouchability movement, an incident took place in Badagara in Malabar which visibly moved Gandhiji.
In response to his appeal at the public meeting there a girl named Kaumudi came forward and gave up her bangles. Although Gandhiji was satisfied with it the girl was not. She then took out her gold chain from her neck and gave it to him. Gandhiji thought that the presentation would end there. But the girl was not to be stopped. Her hands almost unconsciously travelled to her ears and a pair of beautiful jewelled ear-rings were passed on to him. This incident, said the Mahatma later, touched his heart and gave him fresh inspiration.
He had tried to conceal his emotion, but he could not say how far he succeeded. Gandhiji asked if the girl had her parents' consent for this presentation. Her father was only pleased. All the girl asked for in return for the ornaments was an autograph, but Gandhiji was prepared to give her much more than that. He wrote on a piece of paper in Hindi a sentence to the effect that more beautiful than all ornaments she had given up was her willingness for sacrifice, and signed under it.
The girl was very much pleased and she promised not to replace the ornaments.

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