Saturday, 10 December 2016

The standard eye medicine

Yesterday I saw a small child with glasses. And so I am feeling impelled to write this again. Ayurveda has medicines that 'improve' the eye. Allopathy just 'fixes' with external lenses. Those with eye problems would benefit with the below medication, and some children who have come to the Sanjeevani to see Dr. Girija have benefitted and circumvented their glasses.

Every night before bedtime
I tsp mahatriphaladi grutham + 1/4 tsp triphala churnam + honey (Ashtanga Hrudayam)
These are shastraic medicines available in kotakkal.

(I have glasses, which I have had on from the age of 7. I did not know of Ayurveda till my 30s by when my glasses were thick and final. But it did help differently. When a doctor told me my retina was weak and suggested laser treatment, I instead followed this, and a year later when I went, the doctor dismissed me saying the retina was stable. This happened to another patient of Dr. Girija as well.)


Aparna Krishnan The ability of ayurveda to rejuvenate the body is unique. Allopathy sees a heart problem, and does some plumbing like a 'bypass'. Ayurveda with medicines like arjuna improve the functioning of the organ itself. Similarly for weak eyes, an external lens is given by allopathy. In Ayurveda the eye functioning itself is addressed and improved.

Prakhar Prakash Will try. My son is ten and his power is -7 already. Younger one is on the same track.

Aparna Krishnan please do. urgently. it will at least arrest the damage. every single night before going to sleep.

Aparna Krishnan My own power was something like that, but i did not know of this then. Anyway thats OK - do let others know about this medicine.

N.Shiva Priya Akka this can be taken by kids otherwise also? my son had eye power but he stopped wearing glasses and for last c ouple of years he is without shld i give it?

Aparna Krishnan Shiva, it is advised for everyone - even those with normal sight. So please give, it will protect his eyes.

Prasad Krishnan Wow.. this is great, will try this, though my eyes too are probably beyond repair

Aparna Krishnan if you have high myopia (like i do) then there is a risk of weakening retina. let what can get arrested get arrested, and what can get corrected get corrected. this is one of the finest medicines for the eyes. and the text does not say 'for retina', or 'for glacoma' ... but for the eye in entireity. please have it. and tell others.
Rajiv Bhatt any recommendations for the quantity of honey? 1 tsp ok?
 Aparna Krishnan Shyam Mani, ayurveda has ability to rejuvenate. the allopath dismissed me when i said i would try ayurveda instead of laser for the retina, saying that retina cannot regrow. well, it seems to have worked. many auti immune diseases have been addressed by our doctor, including SLE. an haemophilic child's blood started clotting normally. So different systems are able to address conditions which are 'incurable' in another system.
Adharshila Learning Centre  
1. A teacher at adharshila has 11+ power glasses. She had chronic vitamin A deficiency in childhood. She is 24 yes. Asked docs. They say nothing can be done.
2. These medicines are not available here.
3. Can we tall to someone on this thread who can guide us.
Aparna Krishnan Allopathy has nothing Amit. The problem is not just myopia, but that the retina can weaken with high myopia. My power is high also, so I know.  The ayurvedic medicines have been effective for me, and for others I have known in the clinic. I would feel it is worth having, in case she wishes to. I do not know what effects she would expect, because power would not come down at this age (and anyway power would not be rising either as it would have stabilised). More of a faith that it will strengthen the eye which is a weak point. In my case my retina seems to have got strengthened, but I know this is anecdotal. I can give a website from where a friend has ordered ayurvedic medicines - they seem to have sourced and couriered. Is there no Kotakkal outlet anywhere nearby ? These are text preparations and are prepared by Kotakkal. Will inbox my number. She can call up if she wishes to.

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