Sunday, 25 December 2016

Villages and Marx and Nehru

One outgrows 'intellectual conversations'.
Because the deepest learnings and understandings that matter are what I get in my village. Those are conversations that integrate intelligence and experience and emotion and sensitivity and spirituality into something like finely distilled wisdom.

And it is this understanding that can help understanding the ethos of this country, and enable one to work for this country. Theories spawned by intellectuals, for intellectuals often with theories borrowed from abroad have little bearing on the life of the country.

Aparna Krishnan And when Marx and Nehru labelled villages as cesspools of superstition and ignorance, or something else like that, there is only so much that their frameworks can give this country. A country rooted in villages.

Mark Johnston The European and Russian villages Marx would have come across perhaps had little surviving in the way of traditional wisdom and practice. Patriarchal imported Christianity and an almost all poweful aristocracy ensured that old ways, ingrained by generations of survival with the land, had been almost completely discarded and forgotten. Foolishly, 'revolutionaries' from the urban elite were taken in by the myth, or was it the lie, of progress. They were looking to a future where technological 'improvements' ended the widespread starvation caused, not by stupidity of villagers but by the agricultural 'improvements' forced on them by their so called betters. Of course, this could not and did not work out for the better.
Not sure what Nehru's excuse was...

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