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Why secularism became pseudo

Why secularism became pseudo is this - the secularists belong to the tyrannical religion of modernity and science. And are blind worshippers of that - and subtly, or not so subtly, look down on religions as superstitions. So what is offerred is not respect for all religions, but disrespect for all religions.
Only a truly religious person, rooted in the essentials of his religion, can either respect all religions, or constructively question and correct his own.
Swarna Latha Aparna, if someone has been 'nailing it each time' you do put the nail to the right use ... every time! You are passing your own tests / exams each time. 
Aparna Krishnan failed. in each of the yamas - asteya, aparigraha, ahimsa, satya, ... I know enough to know that i have failed, thats all. As beliefs are falling in place, the compromises made are stading out in sharper releif. (Only, with age, on gets gentler with oneself also - less condemnatory so to say.)
Deepak Kumar This stupidity of secularist, have put us in this hole and every time I do my prayer, recite gita or upanishad, my friends ask me are you from RSS, and I hit my head, and then say I am totally against them, and I see their faces, haveno idea what I am saying!!
Aparna Krishnan yes, we all face the same problem 
Aparna Krishnan very less. my very schooling in an english medium alienated me from a certian simple indianness. my only defence is that i have a sense of my uprootedness.
Aparna Krishnan People are a little apologetic about going to temples, praying devoutly, ... modern scientific temper somwhere makes us all feel that religion is superstition ! ...  

Naveen Manikandan Periasamy SJ, Overconfidence in ones intellect will lead to his/her downfall. There is a limit to where intellect can take you and that limit varies from individual to individual. Bhakthi is nothing but surrender - where all useless questions and infatuations cease and mind is at peace. It is the most supreme form of spirituality and in it's perfection encompasses all other forms of Yoga - Karma, Gnana, Kriya etc. "Because i already feel the presence everywhere and so don't need Bhakthi" - all this is new age movement hokum. " beyond mind and senses what is there ?" If you really understand Karma Yoga you wouldn't have asked this question. One who has no faith in paba, punya, rebirth, mukthi and moksha cannot be a Karma Yogi.

Aparna Krishnan Why ? I have known people who take themselves so lightly, negate themseves as 'the doer', and work on incessently for causes and needs. And to whom if we ask about god and punyam, they will simply brush those aside. I would consider them Karma Yogis.
Aparna Krishnan I have known one such person. If an answer had been demanded, he would have called himself an atheist. But it was irrelevent to him. But in his continous, and unceaseing and never ruffled actions, i saw the closest to what i would have considered Karma yoga.
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Aparna Krishnan My understanding is such people don't express it, but they have a innate understanding of important aspects of Karma Yoga.
Aparna Krishnan Not in so many words .
Aparna Krishnan But they live it. They do not consider themselves the doer - because that is too irrelevent a point to them. 'maa karma phala hetur bhu ...'.
Aparna Krishnan And they act irrespective of the results, thereby in effect surrendering the fruits - to a god implicit, in the act of surrendering. I have known saints closely ... so I speak with some assurance, thats all.
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Aparna Krishnan I guess they don't recite Sanskrit verses either. 
Aparna Krishnan but they live the essence of the verses more than many of us who read them.
Aparna Krishnan maybe their prarabdha karma has taken them to a level where it is internal, and they can keep claiming they are atheists - it hardly matters.
Aparna Krishnan Eashwaramma tells me, 'we act because of the thought that god put in our minds'. Naren would laugh her away in his unforgettable laugh. Both were at the same level of understanding of Truth.
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy I wouldn't call them atheists. Their spirituality is much purer than city dwellers who run after Fake Godmen.
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Aparna Krishnan My conception is they deny all the man made non-sense that surrounds God. Which Vedanta denies the supreme conscious entity ?

Aparna Krishnan Naveen, Vedanta does not. But Naren would deny the supreme spirit , if asked. Because it was intellectually irrelevent to his scheme of things. Where would you place him ? As a Karma Yogi ? He has been closest to a sthithapragya as we have seen. He has worked for the causes - land issues, untouchability ... - as tirelessly as I have seen. And he is the only person i have known who has almost never lost his temper, or had a frown. It was not for nothing that when he died the whole Dalitwada was deep in mourning, as each felt they had lost a father or a son. Would he be a Karma Yogi ?
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Aparna Krishnan Yes, I would say he followed the path of a Karma Yogi. He didn't give a damn about spiritual intricacies, siddhantha of Karma yoga etc and worried only about action. My idea is those who are rooted in selfless service will be lead to higher realms if their Karma makes them deserving. Who really knows about all this ? are we the judges ?

Naveen Manikandan Periasamy SJ, Nah! we couldn't care less if you confirm to our beliefs or sing praises about Bhakthi or not. It is just that a self proclaimed Karma, Kriya and Gnana Yogini with "pagutharivu" like you feels a irresistible need to run down Bhakthi yoga and educate us mindless, gullible idiots about reason and logic - as if you understand the other three yogas anyway. About surrender, In Mahabharata when Krishna asks Arjuna to surrender to him, Arjuna asks him(Krishna) will a Shisya surrendering to his Guru have the same effect of him(Arjuna) surrendering to Krishna. Krishna says NO -Whoever you surrender to, you imbibe his characteristic and become like him. Karna surrendered to Duryodhana and this made him walk in the path of adharma. There are certain sanskrit words which don't retain their true meaning, essence and intent when translated.."Samarpanam" is one such words. Samarpanam is actually only the first step for Bhakthi. Questioning superstition is good, but rubbing it on their faces and insulting their core beliefs is not. There was no superstition in India before our scriptures were tampered with by the invader. There is no such thing as Charvaka Siddhantha - it is complete bull and has nothing to do with spirituality.

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