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Is self serving intelligence, intelligent ? - FB Discussions

The Tamil Brahmins, yes my community, often thinks it is a very intelligent community becuase many of them get into IIT. But when that intelligence does not translate into understanding moral responsibility, there is a deep problem in our very definition of intelligence.
This privileged community, inheriting a culture of studies at home, further uses the best facilities of the country like IIT, and benefits at the cost of a poor country. And then packs up and move abroad to live in comfort.
What is intelligence ?

Lakshman Kumar Lakshminarayana I think it's not only money and comfort, there will be other perspectives too ? No, I am not defending here the brain drains. But, I still think it's involves some social factors too....

Aparna Krishnan Still to benefit at the expense of a poor country, and not to consider the moral liabilities they need to address is a poor commentry on them.
Lakshman Kumar Lakshminarayana Are you telling me that there are no brain drains with respect to any other community from IIT....? Yes, I understand quite a number of those folks are from TamBrahm....
Aparna Krishnan Every community may be compromised. I am questioning mine. Did two wrongs ever make a right ?
Lakshman Kumar Lakshminarayana ha ha ha ha..... I see ownership...
Jasmine Shone I wish people would stop saying "my my my" categorizing themselves and others they think are similar to them so much, what s so different of us as humans , same blood, same moods..........hell with all this bullshit in the name of gods and country and all the shtty excuses,
Jasmine Shone Unless a certain group of people grow tails or fins we must refrain from using the word "my people and our people" 
Aparna Krishnan We are each answerable and responsible for the errors of the community we are in, and the onus is accepted when we use the word 'our'.

Aparna Krishnan The fabric of any nation is different groups. I try to understand the reality and work in that. Celebrate the strengths and correct the errors. There are the potters with their practices, the vaddars with theirs, and so on. And anyway its brings in a diversity and colour that it also beautiful. I for one would not flatten indian out of ther myriad groups. Yes I will fight against any verticalization !
Jasmine Shone JK spoke against divisions in the mind. 
Aparna Krishnan My village and India is very different from K's picturising. That is not social reality, but an individual praxis.  They operate on 2 different planes ma.
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy New age sloganeering(with internet quotes of great/wise men) is often taken out of context by the regurgitator and distorts reality on the ground.
Gopal Krishna Iyer Why are you blaming Tamil brahmins! Despite reservation curbs they work very hard and get into specialised education and go abroad to get into jobs due lack of such opportunities in the country.All community people go for jobs just not Tamil Brahmins. It is not fair to brand them.
Aparna Krishnan Yes, everyone is after Mammon. I simply question my tribe  And there is enough opportunity to serve in this country, maybe not so much to earn more and more !
Gopal Krishna Iyer Lack of opportunity drive them to greener pastures
Aparna Krishnan Plenty of opportunity to serve !
Lakshman Kumar Lakshminarayana There's no lack of opportunity here, but yes 'Serving' that's a key word.... How comfortable (i mean the minimally required comfort) that they get from society is the question, it's quite natural to quote a blanket of problems to get off from a place where we are not comfortable..... But the problem that should be discussed here 'what's making them to quote uncomfortable' rather 'why are you not serving the county' - which might look template
Aparna Krishnan Why ? When one is privileged, and also one has been nurtured by a society that is fundamentally poor - I will focus on the word 'serve'. yes, after attending to basic necessaties for oneself and one's family certianly.
Mekhala Gee I am not sure why you keep complaining about the educated people (brahmins in this case) who moved away..what about the millions of equally educated brahmins, crorepatis etc. still in India..what are they doing for their country?
Aparna Krishnan All of them, ma, i question all of them.

Aparna Krishnan But in staying in the country i think there is still a certian stake we own up, and so maybe i question those who go. But each one of needs to question ourselved deeply - I agree.
Gopal Krishna Iyer Why this outburst against brahmins a minority who do not enjoy any price ages now.Cannot get admissions in technical colleges unless they are toppers.This hold good for Government jobs.All tribes have crorepathis. Why single out brahmins.
Aparna Krishnan because it is my community, and i start with questioning myself and my community. thats all. others will question theirs - there are deeply responsible people in every community.
Lakshman Kumar Lakshminarayana You used 'my community' - all hell will break loose now.... 
Aparna Krishnan why ? the Naidus own up theirs and their failings. As do the Jains. And as I will also.
Lakshman Kumar Lakshminarayana I don't know.... Progressive people don't like...  
Aparna Krishnan . I think progressive people long ago unfrirnded me or unfollowed me. My village people are my friends - they are not progressive because they beleive in god, they maintain the village temple, they follow the practices of their communities ... !
Vipin Sharma The finest Indian brains have unfortunately left the motherland maybe they feel that their intelligence is more valued in USA rather than in India. And it is so unfortunate that a sixth standard school drop out becomes the deupty CM of Bihar, is it democracy or a joke. Amma is worshipped like goddess by the same Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu, and J.Jayalalitha is one of the greatest egotist to ever born. This country of ours is full of strange paradoxes, where idol worship and sheep walk has become the order of the day, film stars, cricketers and politicians who are worshipped like demi-gods rule the roost, but are the ordinary citizens to be blamed for such state of affairs?
Sridhar Bhaskarla Looking at some of the messages here, I am confused. Are we saying that 'merit' comes by birth like it has been permanently programmed in the DNA of certain communities by nature??
Aparna Krishnan Did i say that ?? My village children, SC and first generation learners are among the brightest I have ever seen.
Aparna Krishnan My point was that that intelligence to do Fast fourier Transforms genetically coded, or uncoded, is meaningless. What matters is the intelligence of the heart and soul.
Sridhar Bhaskarla Aparna Krishnan Not yours particularly madam. I meant in general, not only in this thread, but everywhere where people bring up merit mercilessly .
Aparna Krishnan I care two hoots for merit as in IQ. Yes, i respect that merit which helps a person understand his larger responsibilities towards the society, and which build in him the moral strength to live by that understanding.
AV Gopalakrishnan Studying best course in a good university or IIT is understandable. Even choosing a job or profession make sense. However, forgetting the roots of the family, culture, village, town or country which took care of the same person during their childhood and provided an environment to climb the ladder in life is to be condemned. It is to say the least selfish, mean and thankless personality.
Ilamaran Mathivanan Getting into IIT doesn't mean intelligent. Actually scoring high marks, getting 1st rank, topping colleges haven't taken these brains anywhere. What change they have made to this society? What change they have made to the quality of life?
Aparna Krishnan Or even to the quality of the life of the topper ! Beyond 3 good meals a day, one cannot eat anyway.
Ilamaran Mathivanan True. Spirituality has been completely weaned away from their life. Every one are so much driven by meritocracy that it's now become idiocracy. Every one wants to 'achieve, succeed' by consuming more and more. The more one consumes, the more one possesses means he is winning. How stupid!!!! It has made each and every one of us narcissistic.
Karthik T Duraisamy Partially agree.. this applies for all communities, why only Tamil bram?
Aparna Krishnan yes, yes all communities. I am questioning my own, thats all.

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