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Jeevani Milk Programme

Restoring health to children with milk, ashwagandhadhi, loha bhasmam  

Every mother who is able to give her child something more over a glass of milk daily ...
... is answerable to the mothers who are not able to give their undernourished children a glass of milk.

The programme of giving milk and ashwagandhadhi to malnourished children started in Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada), Chittoor (Dt), A.P.,  in April 2014 under the guidance of Dr. P.L.T. Girija, Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Centre, Chennai. We have been based in this village since 1996. It is a village of  landless labourers and the food has always been nutritionally deficient, and the children malnourished. This milk based ayurvedic intervention has restored them to health, and maintained their wellness.

A friend in 2014 wished to help with nutrition support for the children, and we consulted our ayurvedic doctor Dr. P.L.T. Girija. She advised  that as the children are all anaemic, and at the same time very undernourished, milk with some ayurvedic tonic medicines (Ashwagandhadhi churnam) and also an iron compound (loha bhasmam) was the best intervention. She assured that in a month results would be visible. And in less than a month the children improved remarkably. And their good health has been maintained.

We had ourselves  given boiled and sauted channa (chickpea) for years to the children to address their 'protien deficiency', on the advice of an allopathic doctor. It had made no noticable impact. Nor had interventions of increasing their greens intake based on the same doctor's advice. Dr. Girija, has been firm that ghee and milk-based medicines  was required for this village because their diet is so poor, and devoid of fats. Simply advising them cheaper tablet based ayurvedic preparations, or other such interventions, would not suffice, she said, because they are nutritionally so depleted. This milk with medicines has been like rain falling on parched lands. 

The children regained health rapidly over a month since this was started, and have stayed well over the past three years. Their frequent illnesses have all but ceased. The parents, as per an earlier survey used to spend 300-500 per child monthly on doctor visits. Now those expenses have ceased.

As per our survey, the cost of the milk and medicines which has built up health and immunity is about the same as the cost of medicines they used to bear earlier to address their recurrent illnesses. So at effectively  no extra expense, good health has been secured.

Seeing the result here, the schoolmaster from the neighbouring school in Varadappanaidupeta requested the same programme for their children. A friend offered to pay, and we started this there. The parents there were very happy with the substantial improvement, again seen in less than a month. 

School after school near Paalaguttapalle has been requesting and as on June 2019 it is underway in 7 surrounding schools.

It is underway in Jharkhand by another friend in a tribal school.
And in the Andamans in another school for tribal children. 
In Karnataka
In Thane, Maharashtra in a school. 

In Thirukoilur, Tamil Nadu in a Sarvodaya  school with 250 children.
In Chennai in the slum of Ezil Nagar for a group of 50 children
In Chennai in the government school, Santosh Nagar.
and other places.

Everywhere the results have been remarkable. These are documented in Appendix II

Aparna Krishnan
The children come tumbling home. 'Madam my legs dont pain', 'Madam i am fatter', 'Madam i eat well'. The mother come and ask Varalu with curiosity what she adds to improve their health so much. Redipa called me up yesterday to find out what the medicine is. he is from the village but is based in Tirupathi. Said he came and heard the children were so much better, and wants the same medicine for his small daughter too. Tulasi from the neighbouring village also asked me the same thing for her daughter ...

- In case of starting, please inform at and So that we can support you through the process in case of any hitches. 

- Please make sure the questionaire is filled before starting process so that we can track progress.


Medicine Supply and Cost
Amukkara churnam of IMPCOPS (same as Ashwagandhadhi  churnam) 1/2kg = Rs. 354/-
Loha Bhasmam of IMPCOPS 10g = Rs. 43/-
Packageing and Parcelling ( for 15 kg) = Rs. 1000/-

Budget (Per child per day)
1 glass milk = 7/-
3g Anukkara churnam = 2.14/-
50mg loha bhasmam   = 20 paise (for 6 weeks only)
So cost per child per day = 9.50/- + transport of medicine + fuel + labour etc.

Quantities (25 children)
6 weeks
25 children *42 days *0.003kg = 3.15 kg Amukkara churnam
25*42*50mg = 52.5g Loha bhasmam

After 6 weeks, monthly requirement
25 children *30 days *0.003kg = 2.25 kg Amukkara churnam

(Loha bhasmam is repeated  for 6 weeks, after a 6 month gap, on a regular basis.)

Instruction Steps
For 6 weeks a mixture of loha bhasmam and amukkara churnam is added to milk.
After 6 weeks only  amukkara churnam is added for the rest of the year.

The loha bhasmam and amukkara churnam (for the 6 week period) should be mixed very very well. Every day half a spoon of the mixture per child can be added in the milk and given.   

Or for 25 children, totally 75g of the medicine be mixed daily in their milk and served.

Questionnaire (to update initially before start of program, then after 6 weeks, and after 6 months)

Weight (kg)
Ringing in the ears (Y/N)
Loss of appetite/aversion to food (Y/N)
Weakness /tiredness (Y/N)
Giddiness (Y/N)
Fever (Y/N)
Breathlessness on climbing stairs (Y/N)
Feeling of Heaviness (Y/N)
Swelling around the eyes (Y/N)
Changed skin tone / dry skin (Y/N)
Hair fall (Y/N)
Anger (Y/N)
Dislike for cold things (Y/N)
Sleepiness (Y/N)
Cramps in calf muscles (Y/N)
Palpitation (Y/N)
Headache (Y/N)
No desire to speak (Y/N)
Pain in back, legs, thighs, flanks / body ache (Y/N)
Tremor (Y/N)
Fainting / vomiting (Y/N)

Before starting the programms, if any child has the following symptoms, don’t start giving milk :   
    .      Skin problems
·           Worms in stomach
·           Diarrhea      
·           Blood or mucus in stools

In such cases we can give ashwagandhadhi with honey.    

APPENDIX II - Field Reports


Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada), Pakala Mandalam, Chittoor Dt., A.P. 517152. 

From March 2014

(A small hamlet of 70 households of landless agricultural labourers in the dry belt of Raayalseema)

There are 35 children between ages of one to fifteen in this hamlet. The children were  all undernourished as their food is usually rice with a hot, sour, spicy watery curry, and there is no  milk or meat or  ghee in the diet.  They would fall ill frequently and two visits to a doctor on a month was average. The parents were spending about 300/- per child per month on an average as per a survey we carried out.  

The children were all anaemic and uniformly suffered from

·                   Cramping pains in the leg
·                   Low weight
·                   Tiredness
·                   Lack of appetite
·                   Headaches


From 2014 March, the children started getting milk with some ayurvedic tonic medicines and also an iron compound. (2.5g ashwagandhadhi and 50mg loha bhasmam - the latter for only the initial  6 weeks).  It has been continued to date.


When we saw the children three weeks after they started the milk, the children came running, "See I've grown', "I eat well now', "I have no leg pains", "See I'm fat now", “I have no  headaches”. Most children had put on a half kg or so, and their sense of well being had gone up tremendously. The parents were all happy that the children had none of the  complaints of poor appetite, cramping pains in legs, tiredness and headaches. Munneshwari told me with happiness of her seven year old daughter, ‘Now Sindhu even has cheeks ! Earlier I used to spend the nights pressing her painful legs, and now she has no  more leg pains.’ 

As per a three month survey we did before initiating the milk-ashwagandhahi intervention it was observed that the parents were spending about 300/- per child per month on an average When the women went to the weekly santa 3km away on Fridays for vegetables and provisions, they would usually have a kid accompanying them to see the local allopathic doctor for a fever or a cough or a earache or a skin problem. Now one does not see children being taken to the doctors on Fridays !

After a year of milk and ashwagandhadhi, a survey showed that most of the children had not fallen ill even once. Over the year there were only  4 cases of fevers, and 4 cases of cold  among the 35 children.

Also, the cost of the milk and medicines which has built up nourishment health and immunity is about the same as the cost of medicines the family used to bear earlier to address their recurrent illnesses.

Varalu says the mothers come to her in curiosity to ask what she adds to the milk to make such a difference in their children's health and appetite. When I went to the neighbouring hamlet, a lady came running down to talk to me. She said she had seen the Dalitwada children become very healthy, and had asked them what was given to them. She said she then took some Ashwagandhadhi churnam from them, and started giving it to her daughter with milk. She said that her daughter who used to refuse food earlier had since had an improved appetite and was better in health in every way. She then wanted to buy more of that. 

Varalu, who was procuring and giving the milk, was then advised to introduce Rajanyadi churnam with honey and Dadimadi ghee, a tonic medicated ghee, to the village children below five years. That is the ayurvedic medicine of choice for all small children. It addresses anaemia, colds, fevers, diarrhoea - and builds up health and resistance. Varalu's firmness and clarity when she speaks of this medicine to other mothers is striking. Her children used to be perpetually ill. She was actually spending Rs 1000/- to Rs. 1500/- on medicines and tonics ever month. She tells the mothers that since she started them on Rajanyadi, three months ago, they have not fallen ill even once. And the stray illness they get, she addresses with just another dose of Rajanyadi. She speaks with the quiet firmness of conviction gained through experiance, and everyone listens.



With such substantial improvements in the health of children Varalu, who initially swore only by allopathy like all young mothers, and had little faith in Ayurveda, veered around completely. She took on learning about other ayurvedic medicines and giving the same. Konepalle Avva had a cough which worsened through all the antibiotic courses she took. She improved over three doses of Varalu’s medicines. What started there has built up over months into her treating colds, coughs, fevers, diarrhoea, excess bleeding, white discharge, anaemia, knee pains, piles, worms, wounds, dizziness, chronic headaches, neck pains etc. The village people sensing the health enhancing benefits of Ayurveda are coming to her as a first step for illnesses. As they benefit, the word spreads, and people from neighbouring villages are also reaching out.

Varalu took on the work of sourcing the milk and boiling and giving to the children. She was given a stipend for that. Only 25 years herself, mother of three, abandoned by her husband, she was happy to earn  through useful work. As she took on further work with ayurvedic medicines, she earned some more. As we paid a little over the local rate for the milk, the owners were able to procure better nourishment for the cows which also started looking more nourished.


Varadappanaidupeta, Vallivedu Post, Chittoor (Dt), AP 517152

From August 2016

The school teacher fron the Varadappanaidupeta government school came one day to request that milk and the 'medicine'  be given to his children also. He said that he had been noticing that the children of Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada) were so well. He added that the children in his school from the stone cutter community were very undernourished, and would benefit from this, if we could help organize it. A friend offered to fund the expenses, we started the programme on August 2016.

Head Master,
M. P. Primary School,
V. N. Peta,
Pakala mandal

Smt. Aparna

Subject: Improvement of health condition of our school children - reg.

There are 32 boys and girls in Varadappanaidupeta primary school of E. Palaguttapalli panchayat, Pakla mandal, Chittoor district. Their parents do not have much understanding of their health care issues. We are giving milk and Aswaganda churnam to our children from 2/9/2016 with the support of Smt. Aparna. Until August 2016, our children used to complain about stomach pain, lack of hunger, leg cramps, weakness, etc. and suffer from fever, cough and cold frequently. Currently our children do not have these problems. Now they eat and digest food well. School attendance is good. Every body's health is good. We are giving honey, churnam and ghee medicine to children. We are grateful to the donors for this.

(Signature of M. Ganesh)
(Seal of Head Master, M. P. Primary School, V. N. Peta, Pakala mandal)
(Signature of Smt. P. Satyavathi)
(Seal of P. Satyavathi, A.W.W., Anganwadi Code no. 65, Varadappa Naidupeta (V), Pakala Mandal, Pulicherla Project, Chittoor Dist.)



Kondepalli Government School, Pakala Mndalam, Chittoor Dt.
From Jan 15th 2018
Gopalapuram saar and Venkatraman saar called all the children to school today on Bhogi Day to start Jeevani Milk. As it is an auspicious beginning.
Gopalapuram saar had seen the children at Varadappanaidupeta so well. And asked Yuvaraj saar if his children could not also have this milk. They called me up, "The children are from poor homes, most Muslims. Is it possible..." A friend agreed to pay, and we were ready.

On the day we began, the teachers told the children that milk is the sampoorna aahaaram, the complete
food. And that their leg pains and lack of hunger and headaches would get solved. Annapurna and Eashwaramma explained the process, and described how well the children are since this started. They will go and monitor the process.

Annapurna gives milk in our village. Eashwaramma is in charge of Ayurveda in our village. They are the best guides. Yuvaraj Sir of Varadappanaidupeta school also came as he was instrumental in starting this by suggesting this programme to these teachers.
The children just loved milk. For many it was their first glass of milk after infancy.
Another group of children will step out of anaemia and malnourishment into well being. With milk and Ashwagandhadhi Churnam.


Dinapeta, Pakala Mandalam, Chittoor Dt.

From June 15th 2018
Dinapeta, Harijanwada is a village 5 km from Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada). The parents there requested, and with the financial support of friends it was begun. 

The medical questionnaire filling was as expected, and depressing. Children with chronic leg pains, headaches, poor appetite. 

But 3 weeks into milk and ashwagandhadhi and Loha Bhasman. Most children have left behind all problems. Chronic legacies, headaches, tiredness, lack of appetite.

They come bounding with their glasses for milk. The more imaginative come with two glasses, so that they can cool the milk, pouring from one glass to the other.


Kavireddigaripalle, Pulicherla Mandalam, Chittoor Dt.

From Nov 2018

The children have blossomed into health. The teachers initial request letter.


Kothapeta , Pakala Mandalam, Chittoor Dt.

From Dec 10th 2018

This is a  school of 70 children from different communities living in this central market village. The teacher of the school persistently requested seeing the well being of the children in other neighbouring schools. A friend offered to support it.

The children enjoy their milk and have recovered health, well being and glow.


Krishnapuram, Pakala Mandalam, Chittoor Dt.

From March 23 2019

The teacher, Dorasamy Saar, had called and requested. "The children are very poor. Please try to give them also the medicine milk."
A small school of 25 children, an interior ST hamlet.

The children are happy and well since this began.

The letter from the teacher on how well the children are since this started.


18.4.2019, Thursday

Dear Madam, you are giving the children of our school milk and amukkara churnam. Because of this there is a lot of difference in the children between then and now. They are now healthy, active and energetic. We are grateful to you.


MPP School,
Krishnapuram, Pakala Mandalam, Chittoor Dt.


Jan Chetna Manch Patamda, Jharkhand.

From August 2016

A friend started this in a school run by the NGO for tribal children in August 2016. A letter from him.


Hi Aparna,

The results of Ashwagandha have been simply amazing.

There are 14 girls belonging to the 'Sauria Pahariya' and 'Sabar' Tribal communities. They are from the Primitive Tribal Groups (PTG).The ‘Paharias’ and the ‘Sabars’ are considered the most vulnerable amongst the tribal population.

As per Wikipedia, the Sauria Paharias are listed as a primitive tribe and have a population of around 30,000 in Jharkhand, with a possible negligible population in West Bengal. They constitute less than 1 per cent of the tribal population in Jharkhand.  The ‘Times of India’ dated the 13th July 2013 has reported that “The Paharia Tribal Group has now been pushed to the edge and is an ecologically and biologically endangered tribe”.

As per Wikipedia, this reclusive tribe is found primarily in East Singhbhum district in Jharkhand and in Midnapore District of West Bengal. The traditionally forest-dwelling tribe lacks experience in agriculture, and relies on the forests for livelihood.

These children were very vulnerable to frequent viral fevers and cough and cold. Four of them were also highly susceptible to acute and protracted congestion of the chest.

After administering Ashwagandha....

1.  This winter, there has not been a single instance of viral fever.
2. There has not been a single case of cough and cold and/or chest congestion.
3. There is no snot visible. This was a regular problem with 3 children.

4. The children look more healthy.
5. There is glaze on their faces.
6. They seem more active now.


Thanks a lot for this contribution.

Warm Regards, Pradeep Kumar
Jan Chetna Manch Patamda, Jharkhand.



(and 2 years later, an email to another friend)

 Hi Karl,

Prakhar connected us to Aparna.

We are running a residential school for tribal children......our endeavour - to provide them quality education.

Aparna's prescription....milk with Ashwagandha.... really worked wonders. Some of the children were constitutionally very weak. We were mute witness to the severe chest congestion, the protruding snot, the coughing all through the night and frequent fevers. Extended use of allopathic medicines gave only a somewhat temporary respite. Thanks to Aparna, these are now only in our memory.

Prakhar has been a silent contributor and associate.

Providing some link here. Haven't been able to update them for quite a while both due to paucity of time and the underlying inhibition to project what we are doing.
Jan Chetna Manch Patamda


Ashram School in the  Andamans

Dear R.
I hope you are fine with the God’s grace. I am happy to say that the children have improved a lot after taking the medicine kindly donated by you. They had a medical check-up and it was absorbed that their Hemoglobin has improved a great extent. Moreover the children are extremely energetic and they have participated in the annual sports and 27 of them have won prizes which is a record. I believe that they have gained enough energy after taking the medicine. As you know we are absolutely vegetarian this medicine is adding extra diet to their food.

Thank you so much for your kind concern for these girls. May the Lord bless you and all your family members and friends.

Yours in the service of the Lord
Sannyasini Chaitanyanandamayee ( devi )
Pranab Kanya Sangha
Port Blair


Sarvodaya Girls Hostel, Nicholas Road, Chetpet, Chennai

The children have been getting milk and ashwagandhadhi here for over a year. There are 80 girls here benefitting from the programme.  The teachers report that the children have been very well.

Vaishnavi Trust.

Dear Sir,
For nearly two years we have been giving our girl students 200 ml milk with Aswagandhadi
churnam. Because of this our students no longer feel sleepy in class. Students who were frail and
breathless have recovered from these problems. They are healthy and energetic and no longer
suffer from diseases of phlegm. Children who were very lean have gained weight and look bright
and beautiful. Girls who had irregular menstrual cycle have been regularised. Excess hair loss has
stopped. They are able to pay more attention to their education. They have improved in sports and
games. They no longer suffer from frequent ill-health. Your trust been funding our milk,
aswagandhadi churnam and iron tablets (Dhatri Loha) and we are extremely grateful to you for

Thanking you,
H.S.S. Sarvodaya Girls’ Hostel
McNichol’s Road, Chetpet,
Chennai – 71.


Residential Middle School, Tamil Nadu Harijana Sevaga Sangam, 106 N Street,
Thirukoilur, Villipuram (Dt.), 605757

From Dec 2016

The school has started this programme for 250 children on Dec 2nd 2016, financed by Vaishnavi Trust, Chennai,  and the reports already indicate that the children no longer fall ill as they used to. Earlier a few children from the hostel used to be taken daily to the local hospital with some complaint.  That has ceased to the extent that the local hospital is asking why the children are not coming there any more. These are children of migrant labour.


(Translation of the letter given by the hostel principal)

                                          Urivida Nadunilai Palli (Middle School Hostel),
                                          Tamilnadu Harijan Seva Sangh,
                                          30, Old No. 106, North Street, Thirukoiloor

- Our school is 25 years old
- There are 250 children here, boys and girls.
- Everyday 10 to 15 children would be taken to the government hospital nearby for various illnesses.
- Now our children are being given milk with amukkara churnam and also dhatri loham.
- Since the medicines amukkara churnam and dhatri loham were started, the children have been without any health complaints.
-There has been no incidence of headaches, fevers, colds, stomach aches etc.
- During the rainy season our children used to have continous attacks of fevers and colds. Now all that is not an issue
- Since the children started having amukkara churnam and milk they have been in good health and are also very active.



Zilla Parishad school, Village Pejwadi, Tokawade Malshej road, Murbad, Thane

The milk project was started in a small scale of 11 children to begin with

The ZP school master Mr Ajay Jadhav was initially not so open to the idea as the tribals in these belt are not in the habit of having milk even in tea

So the first one month took only convincing the head master, the aanganwadi lady (who is a govt appointee)  and some parents.

Initial one month was with pure ashwagandha powder only.
There were 8 children out of total village kid population of 54 who were identified as malnourished and were concentrated upon. In one months time 5 out of the 8 children started showing signs of improvement. The average weight gain was 300 grams in one month.

In the meantime we arranged a visit with Ayurveda doctor for a general health check up as well
The Ayurveda doctor also advised on the right eating habits – both for children and adults which was well accepted.

The Aanganwadi lady has gone on record to say that with 2 months of daily milk with ashwagandha and ashwagandhadhi (since a week ) there is a marked difference in the kids health. She was asking if instead of or in addition to mid day meal govt could make this compulsory in schools as well.

The follow up camp is on 26th of April.

Ravi Narayanan


Ezil Nagar slum, OMR

Elil Nagar is a large slum along OMR Chennai where homes for the poor are constructed in ghetto formation, with dark dank houses.

When a long time friend and patient of Sanjeevani wanted to support some children with milk and aswagandadhi we decided to start work here through an NGO.
The children are children of maid servants and others in similar employments, and they come to the NGO centre for tuitions. Milk was proposed to be given when they come here straight from school, hungry.
The milk was boiled, mixed with the medicine and given, and the children relished it. Keerthana said it was “Super super” when asked.


23rd Nov 2017.

Punidha Thomayar Malai Ooratchi Nadunilai Palli, Santoshapuram, The primary school children numbering 120 are all getting milk and aswagandhadi as of today.

The details and logistics were worked out by Smt. Vidya Subramaniam, a patient of Sanjeevani.
Her own letter is attached below which shows her own passion for this effort. She is  funding 50
children, and Sanjeevani has taken up responsibility for the remaining 70 children.

The children as children of maid servants and casual labourers, and as per the health forms filled up,
are very malnourished. Some children with health conditions that disallow them from having milk
have been asked to come and consult Dr. Girija in the clinic. Once treated they will also start having

The principal requested that another 120 children of the middle school also be supported if possible.

Update after 6 weeks of starting.
This is how well the children are in a matter of six weeks.
All the complaints which were ticked, are crossed out.

(Aparna Krishnan’s note on FB)
Vidya Subramanian is one of the remarkable friends I have made on FB.
I am detailing her story here, as it shows us all what each of us can do, if we just get up from our comfortable chairs. It needs that little effort, that’s all.
Vidya connected on FB many months ago over some help she wanted to give the village. We planned to meet, but it did not happen. But there were many discussions over FB, of how she wanted to do something meaningful, and did not know where to begin. At all. The usual roadblocks we all have faced. the many uncertainities.
I suggested that she look around her place, that there is need everywhere, and need for ground action. But she was still unsure. As all of us are. In the beginning.
Finally one day she said she was going to raise money for the milk at Paalaguttapalle, and seeing the shortfall we were facing, and raised a commitment of 5500/- per month asking her own extended family.
Then I asked her to hold on - and that with this financial commitment she could start on her own strength initiating benefit to children in need around her. Dr. Girija was also clear that she should begin herself, as 'it in when we work on the ground that our understandings grow, and our own elitism gets challenged.'
We all had a meeting at Sanjeevani, some friends who wanted to start this in different places. By then Vidya has financial commitments for 50 children. She had met the headmistress of the corporation school down the street and found her very interested doing good for the children. She said that the headmistress asked if the remaining 70 children could not be also given milk ? So that no primary school child would feel bad.
Dr. Girija said that Sanjeevani would give money for the remaining children, and all the primary children could be covered.
Vidya then went to the school, filled the health questionnaire for all the children with her husband, checked on which children are not suitable for milk, and who needed some medicines before that. The principal had requested an induction heater, as the gas given for midday meals would not do. She organized that, the vessels, the medicines, and the milk supply.
Today the milk giving was to begin. When we, myself, Dr. Girija, Anupama went, the principal was welcoming. Vidya was there with the 24 litres of milk boiled and ready.
The principal asked if at some point the 100 more children in middle school could also be taken to, to please try. The children are all children of maid servants, she said.
The children loved the milk, as they came in lines from classes 1 to 5. In weeks they will recover their health and well being.
This is a story of milk and aswagandadi and malnourished children. It is also a story of how each of us can start. need to start, work on the ground. That a short hurdle needs to be cross, that hurdle is ourselves. It is a hurdle we all face, and we all cross with some effort. And then the ripples go out ...

(Vidyas Update on FB)
Friends... Its been a wonderful day for me.. Jeevani milk is THE perfect programme based on our own ayurveda , to help bring our children come out of malnourishment.
There were times when i had felt really bad about doing nothing and just being earning and spending for my own cause and happiness. But i did not know where & how to start . That is when Aparna Krishnan showed me a light and path to move on. When i tried to just fund a project elsewhere and escape, she and Dr.Girija ( the person behind the idea of Jeevani milk) strictly advised to look for a space where i can actually work. Then I found a govt school nearby where the Principal is very co-operative and grounded.
When we(myself and Ramji Hari) filled up the questionnaire to identify the anemia conditions of the kids with age group from (6-9) only,I realised that the reality is even more worse. Almost, 80-90% of the kids complained of headache, tiredness, cramps in legs, palpitation, pain in legs/hands in the night, frequent fever. And many had complaints of constant diarrhea and stools with blood. Can we imagine a 9 yr old kid with all these issues. Will we bear this if our kid after playing for sometime gets cramps in legs!! The only reason for this is poverty They are not able to afford milk which is a basic necessity for a child.
But am sure that the kids are going to come out of all the above issues with this fantastic intervention . But, there are 100 more children in the school who also need this intervention!! I hope and as Aparna Krishnan says , it will build up.


Thottakombai. Near Sathyamangalam

None in the village have crossed 8th standard. Its a tribal hamlet located in the foothills of western Ghats.
The school in the village will have an average strength of 40 every year with at least 8 of them in 8th std. For
9th they have to go to another school which is 8kms away from this village.

The village has no public transportation. They may encounter elephants, leopards , bears or bisons on the
way to the school in the next village . So they have completely avoided going to school after their 8th grade.

Only rainfed cultivation of ragi is done here which they keep themselves for food. Some of them rear goats.
This generation has moved out of the village seeking work. They ended up working in crushers and as a daily
wage labourers in mills . The tribesmen are being paid low than the others. The average salary of men is 100
and that of women is 80.

The kids are anaemic and severely malnourished. Trying to restore their health with milk and ashwagandhadi.

Dhivakar Gopal called up one day about Jeevani Milk. I have never met him and we have only interacted on FB. He had
raised money for 40 children. From 40 friends. Each adopting one childs well being.
Balwadi and primary school. 20 children and 40 children. ST, BC. Agricultural families
He had procured the medicines from the shop I connected him to.
Dhivakar, “Hi mam. Things are going good here. I met Block Educational Officer (BEO ) and explained her the
importance and necessity of the milk to the kids. She has promised to get us permission from the district collector to
give milk in the school itself mam. If we get permission we will give milk and supplements to all the 3 paalvadis and
2 elementary schools in the village for sure mam
As of now we are giving before school in the village with the support of the villagers mam”
We well off people are overconsuming mam. If people see these kids they will know what their overconsumption
has caused .”


This is another initiative started by Sanjeevani Ayurveda Foundation to deal with
malnutrition and anaemia for economically weaker children in the Mugalivakkam
Government Higher Secondary School in 2014 December. Initially 40 children were


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“Jeevani” scheme that makes the young active and energetic!

Jeevani scheme introduced by the famous ayurvedic Vaidya has showcased significantly positive results among children and young adults in addressing anemia and body weakness that is resulting from malnutrition. If only the central state governments were to adopt this scheme, the nation’s youth can have a healthy future.

Impact of modern  technology, unsafe food due to heavy synthetic input laden production methods, changes in way of life, have all impacted the health of the youth, who are the backbone of the country.  This impact is more pronounced among poor, vulnerable children and children who grow in homes and hostels.

Permanent Solution

This situation is prevalent in all states in the country. Many social workers feel that this trend will impact the future of India and the future citizens’ health in a big manner.

Taking cognizance of this fact, the eminent Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Girija, has designed and implemented the “Jeevani” scheme that has proven to be a success in addressing this issue.

Talking  on this, the founder director of Sanjeevani Ayurvedic Clinic, Dr. P.L.T. Girija said, “majority of our youth in India are afflicted by  anaemiea. Not eating nutritious food, eating excessively sour and spicy food, not having required quantity of iron content in the daily diet have all lead to this situation”.

“Giddiness, joint pain, cold, feeling full even if eating less food, losing weight due  to lack of appetite, indigestion, frequent migraine, vomiting, tiredness, laziness are all symptoms of this ailment.

This we found prevalent in many hostels, homes and reside and study schools where we conducted a survey. So, to address this ailment permenantly, we designed the scheme called “Jeevani”. We launched this scheme to begin with in a school in Andhra Pradesh in a village called Palagutupalle.  There, for the malnourished children between the age of 1 and 5, we provided them with 2 g Aswagandha (also called Amukkara chooranam) medicine in 200 ml of milk every day. We also gave them a loha basmam tablet called dathri  loham for six weeks”.

Help from  Institutions

After noticing a positive response in the children within  a few weeks, including activeness and sharper thinking, we are hopeful of taking this scheme to malnourished children across Tamilnadu and India as well with the help of right institutions. This scheme currently is being  implemented in partnership with several  individuals and groups in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Andaman islands, Jharkand, Maharashtra and Gujarat  states. In Tamilnadu, Chetpet in Chennai and the Sarvodaya reside and study school in Thirukovilur in Villupuram district participate in this scheme.

If only the central and state governments took interest in this scheme and implement it across the country, it can create a significant positive impact towards a healthy and active youth across the country.


T.Tamilarasi, Ayurvedic Doctor – “several students in Thirukovilur had skin diseases apart from the condition of general tiredness, there is a marked improvement in their health after Jeevani”

Balaathai, Warden, Sarvodaya resident school, Thirukovilur – “250 boys and girls who stay and study in our institution. Every week about 15 of them would fall sick with various ailments and taken to hospital for medical attention. Since launching  Jeevani inDec 2016, the students have shown a marked improvement in health. We have stopped going to hospital every week now.”

Aparna Krishnan, Sanjeevani Clinic – “if only social workers, aid agencies and activists could adopt the schools in their own areas and implement Jeevani scheme in these institution or the central and state governments adopt this scheme, the entire youth across the country will benefit”

Trustee of Vaishnavi Trust, Deepa Jagan, involved in implementing this scheme said, “To implement the Jeevani scheme, every day children are given based on their age, upto 4 gms of amukkara chooranam in 200 ml of milk.  For a limited period,  Dhatri loham, an iron tablet, is also provided. We are only spending Rs.10/- per child per day towards this. We have also employed an ayurvedic Vaidya who visits the school 3 times a week to provide other forms of medical attention to the children, we are happy that we are able to address 500 children every day through the implementation of this scheme”.


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