Friday, 27 January 2017

Purity and Pragmatisim

 27 January 2016 at 07:55 ·

Wed morning head spinnings ...

Aparna Krishnan Hi tech, and localization. There is an internal contradiction here that may even self destruct I fear.

Sunny Narang It depends on how we go from here . There are enough tools to localize everything. Like community radio, local networks , what say

Aparna Krishnan Does not quite fit in with my understanding. Because true localization is to manage to be independent for essentials from the outside, and engage on that confidence. Here the very process of localization seems dependent on wireless. Will the need 'wither away'.

Sunny Narang Technology can also be localised. Aparna if you will not protect yourself then what local ? We got occupied by British by superior weapons , Red Indians got wiped out. Localisation only works when you exist as a community. We northerners have a much deeper understanding of invasions ! Zameen nahin to kucch nahin.

Aparna Krishnan I agree. Practicality sometimes flies in the face of Purity. Many times. I only hope at the days ends we are not in the clutches of technology more than ever. I accept your point.

Sunny Narang Technology is what the west has as its power. That is what makes it print its USD and dollar.  Technology is not going away . We need a double track system in India . One an appropriate for employment and sustainability and another to match the best , in urban areas with the world . Life always has been , will always be , a continuous negotiation between what is and what ought to be , between purity and pragmatism. Only in India we have every possible sect , from Capitalists to Communists , Gandhians to Vegans . The balancing is much more complex. Till today I have not met an European or American who even takes India as a concept seriously . It is unimaginable chaos for them.

Aparna Krishnan True - life is a balancing of many theoritical purities.

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