Thursday, 5 January 2017

Vinoba, and scavenging

 "At that time, during the forties, Vinoba decided to work in a village, Surgaon,
about 4 km away from Paunar Since there were no toilet facilities in the houses
there people defecated on the road-side. Vinoba's mission was to clean up the
place and to teach hygiene to the villagers.
To every one's surprise, Vinoba asked Ramakrishna to assist him in this work.
Ramakrishna did not like this work at all, but he enjoyed being with Vinoba.
Every day, they would go early in the morning with brooms in hand. Vinoba
affectionately called the boy "Adakya", adakey being the Kannada name of
betel-nut, which was the major produce of Ramakrishna's farm in Karnataka.
All other workers envied Ramakrishna for his good luck in being with Vinoba.
They were intrigued why Vinoba selected this novice. His secretary, Damodar
Das asked Vinoba about this. Vinoba said "This boy hes some notions of his high
birth as a brahmin. By doing the work of a low caste, untouchable, he will be
rid of these prejudices."

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