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Water at 1000 feet - Jan 2016

Jan, 2016.

Aparna Krishnan The heart leaps up on seeing paddy. Maybe it is to do with not having seen paddy in our fields for more than 10 years now.

Parthasarathy VM Not going to "like" this comment.. But will hope and pray that you guys have enough rain to be able to plant paddy all over...

Aparna Krishnan our groundwater is at 1000 feet. that part is manmade, and not heaven destined.

Parthasarathy VM Aparna Krishnan Have a lump in my throat now.. A "1000" feet !!! Water for daily consumption might be a challenge for rural families...

Parthasarathy VM Is'nt there a way we can try and build up ground water in the area? Will have to be a community initiative though..

Aparna Krishnan Need to seal borewells. Drinking water has been a severe issue. And water was carted at 8 pots per family (a family of 5 adults, 2 kids, and 2 cows on an average) for 2 years. Cattle were distress sole due to this. This year after 5 years we had rains. The tanks filled up, but are rapidly disappearing due to the aforesaid depth of borewells. But for the moment there is no drinking water crisis.Things were very bad earlier, with the tanker giving 5 pots of water a day per family. A family has cattle and about five members.

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Aparna, farm ponds will help

Aparna Krishnan All RWH has been done. No water escapes our panchayat. But because of deep drills, the water disappears in deep aquifers and becomes untraceable. The solution we were told is to concrete all bores so water will recharge the shallow aquifers ! But for farmers who have sold their souls to sink those bores, and who's only tenuous hope is that today - I would never have the courage to suggest that to them

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula If the aquifers are filled they should be able to draw it right? Farm ponds will hold at surface level.

Aparna Krishnan There are shallow aquifers and deep aquifers, The bores have created tunnels into the deep aquifers. Those are so vast and unknown that water that goes there often does not help the local bores and may also be some underground stream. Unless we cement up all these bores the water is escaping down there.

Aparna Krishnan People are smart. they want farm ponds - plastic lined ! They no longer want to lose water into the deep underground, and they say that at least the water caught in lined ponds will be there for the cattle in summer.

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula True

Aparna Krishnan Yes, and sad. That is is the real solution that exists today. RWH is passe.

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