Sunday, 28 May 2017

Civility in villages

There was this  video on FB showing how badly Africans are treated in India. I was telling Dr. Girija and Mukundan about it. Their observation was that this may not be so in villages. And then I realised they were right.
Yes, a village would treat any and every guest with respect and cordiality. And that is India - the India I have learnt to love and respect. Where 'athithi devo bhava' is valid still. Where civility and consideration is a way of life.  

Gangadharan Kumar IMO - the issue of "color" is very deep rooted in the minds of people (including villagers). While the Africans may not be ill-treated, the reaction to a "white" skinned person could be extremely different (on the positive side). That has been my experience at least.
Aparna Krishnan Gangadharan Kumar, certianly issues of color are deep seated in villages as elsewhere. I am referring here to a deep seated civility and culturedness. Where the two retarded children (though certianly 'different', and from who's drooling I shy away, though I am ashamed to admit it) are allowed to walk in and out of homes. Where my 'sworn enemy' has always invited me into her home when I pass by and given me something to eat if there was, overlooking our wars over field boundries, and crossing over of cattle, becuase to invite a person home is the way. If an Africal were to come to the village, I stand by my position that courtsey will be extended to him or her in full. And she will not be hooted and mocked at - I would stake my life on that.

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