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Religion as a basis in this land.

18 July 2015 at 11:02 ·
A Hindu needs to be a good Hindu as per his honest understanding of Dharma. A Muslim a good Muslim. And we need to respect each other deeply. We do not need to 'celebrate all festivals', except that we greet our friends on their day of faith.
Because I think if one is truly religious one's faith is committed to one's version of God. My village women cannot feel for Allah what they feel for their Vinayaka. But they respect the devotion of the Muslim in the next village to his Masjid. I think thats the real way.

Afsan Chowdhury During Bangladesh's war of 1971, Hindus were prime targets of the Pak army and many were killed just for being Hindus. Yet almost every ordinary Muslim gave protection to fleeing Hindus. I have not come across one case of betraying a person of another faith to the killers. People see "Dharma" as very important which means - as you say- people should follow dharma and be a good person,Hindu or Muslim. Its the Western educated who see dharma as distinct from society and have become the custodian of intolerance. They are very unhappy with my research as I can't find what they think I should find . Thanks

Aparna Krishnan Our civilizations are rooted in religiousness, in an ethics rooted there. Those paradigms which dismiss that will never get India

Afsan Chowdhury Aparna Krishnan You will be surprised how ph.ds are done trying to apply Western theories to explain the East. I get so angry that I have given up reading them. It's our academics who have betrayed their own cause and culture hence the people. Thanks

Aparna Krishnan Our intelligentia are the most enslaved, dishonest to the people, and self hating. They have no respect for themselves or the people. They only proporate borrowed theories. They spell doom.

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