Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Fall of the Brahmin

(via Gandhiji)

- I have the highest reverence for Brahminism, under which a class has been set apart from generation to generation for the exclusive pursuit of divine knowledge and consigned to voluntary poverty.
- Where is the real Brahmin today, content with a bare living and giving all his time to study and teaching?

Subha Bharadwaj Where is the support system which existed in the society which revered such men and respected them? Today if a pandit asks for 5 mgs rice for a ritual, people call him thief _ he will take away the rice! so buy poor quality or give only 2 kgs. How can they survive in this set-up. They tell their children not to do this and put them into the shallow education system..........

Komakkambedu Himakiran The assumption that all Brahmins were dutifully following their spiritual mandate in the past needs to be reassessed. There is enough evidence in all the stories about our great saints to show only a few actually practiced what they were supposed to.
Many people blame Macaulay's education for ruining India and as still the cause for such an indifferent set of people now. But, who were the people who studied in this system, it was mostly Brahmins along with a few landed and trading community rich kids. That's where the Brahmin community lost it's way and the moral right to give counsel. The knowledge they got through the Western system was sold as services in the various govt and private sector jobs that made up the British Indian economic system.
Isn't that the start of the unraveling of the traditional barter based economic model, where produce and services were given as payment for knowledge and religious rites?

Aparna Krishnan Absolutely. And then society, most properly, took away the respect that it used to give them ! They gave up their dharma of voluntary poverty, and of using their learning to serve.

Aparna Krishnan The whole Tamil brahmin crowd is in USA following Mammon. As is maybe every other community also - but here we are discussing the 'brahmin'. And they are my personal concern, as I belong to this community, and its its fall most closely.

Komakkambedu Himakiran I agree that society at least here took away the respect post Dravidian movement. But, my argument is the community themselves destroyed the pedestal first. Anyways, my concern is that, there are many Brahmin scientists, consultants now who still act with that sense of knowing what's best for the people!
They ignore the fact that they no longer have that social status or the moral authority to give counsel.

Aparna Krishnan Society took away the respect because they gave up their dharma of poverty and service. A few good and sincere brahmins also got hit - that is called collateral damage I suppose. Regardsing the 'sincere scientists', well - I still think its a long way from the real ideal of 'poverty and service'. Yes, there are sincere and good people in every walk of life and from every community.

Komakkambedu Himakiran Thanks for understanding my angle; I've been berated enough for pointing out the need for the Brahmin community to accept what went wrong and reassess their situation rather than just blame the rest of society.

Subha Bharadwaj No one forced the Brahmin to give up their vairagya. It was their free will and choice.

Ramkumar Ganapathy Subramanian Subha Bharadwaj Before colonies by westerners were in, Brahmins were supported by the Kings to study, teach & propagate Vedas to community. Once the foreigners invaded, they demolished all the kingdom @ properties were taken over. Thus Brahmins lost their financial support, hence they were forced to give up their profession. We ignore the agony Brahmin underwent while switching from their original profession to school studies. Please note that varnasrama like Brahmin, Kshatriya etc is based on the traits one possess, not by birth, which however changed subsequently.

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