Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Ardagiri Aanjaneya Swamy temple

Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada)

Varalu was describing her visit to Ardagiri Aanjaneya Swamy temple near Aragonda. Large numbers of people go there including those desiring cures for diseases, as also people affected by mental illnesses and spirit possessions. 

Varalu told us the story behind the temple. There was a leper who was shunned by his family and the village, and in distress he quietly left the village and went into the forest. Three days he went without water or food, and then he had a dream in which the God told him to go to a certain point in the forest and dig till water came, and to bathe in that water and slush. He disregarded the dream, and the next day the God came again and slapped him in his dream and told him to go the very next day. And that then he would get further instructions. So he went the next day and started digging and as he dug, water gushed out. He bathed his sores in the water and mud and they healed. As he fug further he saw the head of a statue. He rushed back to the village to tell people of his miraculous cure and to ask them to come to dig out the statue. The temple got built there.

When Varalu went there, and she saw many people possessed by spirits. Two women possessed by spirits were prancing around, and grabbing each others plaits and Varalu said she screamed loudly ! She said people bring rice, pulses and whatever they wish to offer to the temple, and give it with the request that it be used for annadaanam for people. The people who go there are fed at the temple. 

(According to legend, during Tretayuga, Hanuman brought Sanjeeva Parvatham in order to save Lakshmana during when Lakshmana fell unconscious. During the journey, half of Sanjeeva Parvatham fell, and the place where it landed came is known as Aragonda. Aragonda, initially was called Arakonda (In Telugu, "Ara" means 'Half' and "Konda" means Hill or Mountain This hill is also famed as "Ardhagiri" (Ardha means Half and Giri means mountain)

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