Sunday, 28 January 2018

From Strength to Strength

Jab 2018

A late night meeting at home. To iron out some issues. Like the issue of the most conscientious always on time, and the stragglers always late. And the delicate line between adjustments and discipline. Of how to share bag orders in such situations. Of how to maintain quality collectively.
I went back in history. "Now before you had started, when we were just thinking about this together, I got a suggestion. that the work be based in the main village (upper caste hamlet) where you can report to daily to a supervisor from that village. Who will maintain your times and quality. I had vetoed that saying that you were very capable of running your work in your own village, under your own collective responsibility. That you have sold quality tamarind and amla powder to organic ships, homemade pickles... .. "
Roopa, indignantly, " Of course we can. And we have. Why should we listen to comments from the ryots (farmers) who will criticize all they can... "
All the women agreed with Roopa.
" I also agree Roopa", I said, "and so you need your own rules to function as a group...."
Again with renewed energy and electricity, the discussions started to lay down rules for collective processes.
Drawing the fine line between friendships and adjustments on one hand, and discipline and answerability to the collective on the other. Some decisions were reached.
I am no NGO, just a neighbour. Doing my best to help the situation of deteriorating livelihoods in my village. They are agricultural labor, and now taking drought head on and forging new ways to work and support their families. Despite more of sincerity and hard work, than experience on our side, we are managing.
Reasonably well, going by the customer satisfaction !

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