Thursday, 22 March 2018

The parody of schooling, the tragedy of schooling.

 And Left and Right parrot Schooling-For-All. And urban activists celebrate 100% enrollment.

My village children post-schooling are unfit for village occupations, unfit for any other work, and are unemployed and frustrated, and have a deep sense of inferiority. Schooling took them there.

Constructing schools is easier than actually working towards restoring village economies, against all odds. But what can neaningfully sustain this country, and absorb all into the economy, is only establishing sustainable village livlihoods.

Sanjay Maharishi I believe the said 90% don't actually drop-out, they walkout, realising there is nothing for them in schooling. The ones who don't end up nowhere as you said. (I almost ended up nowhere but that's another story.) But schooling still works, that is to say, it does the work it was supposed to do - maintain status quo. It leaves people with the feeling that their situation is what it is because they were not good enough in studies. Had they done better, got better marks, 'been more intelligent' they would have had a better life. That is the cock-n-bull the school is able to propagate.

Aparna Krishnan Yes. To make a wise village community feel illiterate. To make a wise village child feel a fool. I see this day after day after day. And when I see posts celebrating RTE and enrollment of poor children into school, something within me rages.

Vigneshwaran Karthikeyan If I contend that I happen to appreciate agriculture because of my education., Or largely because of whatever little self teaching I went through?. But if it's the school that had inculcated in me the urge to seek and self learn?. Cannot schools be agents of that?. Don't we have only what is being taught, the way things are taught in our schools to blame?.

Aparna Krishnan Schooling is structured to place emphasis on reading, writing. If agriculture and cattle care was considered more important, we would not have schooling as we know it. So inbuilt into schooling as an end is the a denigration of other knowleges and worlds. 

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