Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Rich Children Cleaning beaches

Twelve privileged children, one day, spend 2.5 hours picking plastic on the beach. It is news, photo worthy.
Every day, children of the Korava community, from early morning, rummage in the dust bins. Pulling out plastic covers. That they take for recycling. Cleaning the city. From the ravages of the wealthy. Giving up schooling, childhood. Just surviving. Serving.
They are invisible. To all
Done with upper class activism, environmentalism and all the hulla bulla. For a long time now. The spaces to work in are elsewhere. Quieter spaces. Simpler spaces. Where work counts. Only work.

Seeing the news item admiring privileged children lifting plastic covers off the beach
Daughter, "And they will do it with masks and gloves. The poor children daily get into the dustbins to collect the plastic waste and sell it for recycling. With just a pointed stick in their bare hands ..."

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