Sunday, 3 June 2018

Salla posedi, 2018

Aparna Krishnan
Today's salla posedi for Gangamma.
Aesthetics, beauty, sacredness, community. Celebration. All part of the warp and weft of rural living.
The nights rice soaked in water from every home was mixed in the large pot, and then given around to all. Taken with gusto. A few forward thinking types had brought a peice of raw onion along to go with it.
Just rice soaked in water, blessed by the god and the community, is a feast.
The priest then goes down the street carrying the need branches on his head, and water is poured in him at every doorstep. And he scatters water on everyone in turn. A blessing.
Everyone uses this licence to pour water on one another too, as also apply kumkum all over the face.

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