Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Bus Driver and the SI's cap

The bus from Chittoor to Kothapeta. Fifteen minutes out of the bus stop, the bus halted. The driver called the conductor, "I left the cover on the bench we were sitting on. Go, bring it."
With characteristic accomodativeness the rural passengers settled for the delay. I pulled out the dabba of lemon rice, and my daughter, Nagesh and I had our delayed lunch.
One curious passenger, "What was in the cover ?"
Driver, "SI s cap. I normally don't take things to deliver. But this was SI." (SI- Sub Inspector)
A conversation continue on these lines, straddling many associated topics, including more and more people.
In half an hour the conductor trudged back with a cap in a blue plastic cover. A khaki police cap. Each one of us felt a personal sense of accomplishment. 
The bus restarted.

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