Sunday, 30 March 2014

As years go by ...

As years go by ... and one sees little net impact of one's efforts (and the efforts of those far greater than oneself) towards a saner, more compassionate world ... one realizes that one does not have the moral stature to inspire the kind of change that is needed. The inner change alone can lead to the change outside.

But Gandhis, Ambedkars, Mandelas, Martin Luther Kings, Medhas  have come ... and still the world seems to be hurtling towards greater destruction.

One also slowly sees the significance of the Indian paradigm of pralaya and shrishi - destruction and creation. How there is no linear time leading to the ultimate good or the ultimate bad. How good and bad are eternal, and the struggle is also eternal. Nataraja dances.

One also slowly realizes how religion, in its entireity of spiritualism, rituals and mythology, plays a central role in giving society a perspective. And definitely so the Indian society. This one realised through many years in a village - where one sees how deeply grounded people are in religion, in a deep unshakeing belief in God, and in the associated rituals that anchor them. And how it has given them a sense dharma than transcends immediate gains - the sanatana dharma. And how modern education distances us from these Indian moorings.

Another year to strive towards the right, as god gives us to see the right. 
Creation is far vaster than the problems we humans create, and some of which some of us try to mop up.

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