Monday, 31 March 2014

Unsustainability of Charity

Some people comment on the unsustainability of charity. Do these people see the greater unsustainablility caused by one person having thousands of time more than another person, and the utter poverty engendered by their inability to share of their excess. While we tolerate that unsustainability of criminal inequality, let us also tolerate the unsustainablility of charity.

Also, is it charity when we look after our own ? Why is it charity to look after others who are needy ? My daughter was very ill, and I was having to spend on expensive medicines. At the same time Eashwaramma had severe deterioration of health as she faced some unspeakable tragedies and also needed expensive medicines. Buying those was as natural as buying my daughter's. And that is how life goes.

There are also those here who advise me that giving to the poor is 'unsustainable'. That only such interventions should be made that give the poor sustainable  livlihoods. Do these kind critics, Iwonder, implement this very worthy suggestion in their own lives ? Do they wear only handloom and khadi so that the money gives the weaver a livlihood ? Do they buy only products made by small scale producers even if it means walking the extra mile for that ? Do they avoid  retail chains, and instead buy from the small shopkeeper, even a little farther away ? We need wear handlooms, buy from smaller vendors, try to establish livlihoods, and give to those in immediate need.

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