Monday, 31 March 2014

The dharmam of healing

Treating and healing fits into a philosophical framework.
Our village healers, treating with medicines and with mantrams, have a philosophy of not asking for money. Bhagavanthayya would also not ask for any money for treating snake bites, and would only take what was given. This was one of the requirements for having the power to heal, he said.

When people go for 'seetu', a mantram potentized palm leaf, to Daamalcheruvu to address the 'sandulu', a digestive condition, of infants, again the village people there do not ask for money. They also do not take small money offered. The money if given is to be placed down, and will be taken later. The people who give the seetu, give it for punyam, that children may become well.

The elder bone setter at Kallur, now dead, would not even look at the money given, but would just stuff it into his pocket. He did not care to know who gave what.

Of course, people would always pay the best they could afford. But the concept of making a living as a doctor is not common – and such doctors were usually doing farming as their main occupation.

Of course things are changing, but the foundation is this.

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