Monday, 31 March 2014

The right questions ...

The right questions ...

Many years ago in my twenties , when I left my job and went seaching for personal direction, I went to Narmada. This was when the anti dam stuggle was at its peak. and hope and sacrifice was at its highest.

While there I asked of one of the activists, an engineering graduate, who had moved into the struggle fultime, the usual question of the beginner, 'but then how does one earn enough for one's bread (even if not butter ...) ...', and i got some half baked answer about how all we need are rubber chappals, and we need not worry about money.

Down the years i realized that the question i had asked him was was wrong ... irrelevent for him ... and fundamentally irrelevent.

One's own personal success, or even survival, itself is a small matter in the larger crises enveloping communities.  It is given only to some to face this squarely, and live by it.  

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