Sunday, 27 April 2014

A story ...

There was a wise and wonderful community in rural India.
The educated, decided to 'develop' them and give them the basics of health and education.

They were given an allopathic system, which invalidated, before their own eyes, their vast and detailed health practice.

They were given a schooling system which proclaimed and established the supremacy of a certian type of learning - based on
reading and writing skills - and rendered worthless befor their own eyes their vast and depthless knowlwdge of animals and plants and farming and animal rearing and cures and stories and dances.

A wise and wonderful community lost its sense of worth and value  and thereby lost everything.

(Only those inputs that are based on a community's own worldview and paradigm and values and knowlege system can strengthen it.

When 'the modern-educated', engage with the village people 'the traditionally wise', if we are not ever aware of this, we will only impoverish them. 
And it takes long years in a community, to even understand their wisdom and worldview.) 

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