Monday, 28 April 2014

Education is vaster than learning (2)

In my daughter's sanskrit class her teacher told her the story of Maina, Nanasaheb's daughter. A girl of 13, about the age of many of our own children, sent her father to war against the British (the 1857 revolt), telling him not to worry about her and that God would take care of her. The father left ... the daughter was later captured, tortured, and as she did not divulge anything, she was put to death.

The teacher asked everyone, 'Where was the God that the girl trusted would protect her ?' There was a pin drop silence ...

Then the teacher herself answered, 'The God saved her by helping her save dharma .... the body suffers, perishes ... but dharma has to live on. She was able to hold onto the truth at the cost of life itself. God helped her in that ultimate act ...'

I realized that my daughter's learnings went far beyond sanskrit grammer in that class ... and this is the education that children need ... all other learnings are secondary ...

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