Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Charity is simply returning what was never ours.

"The first of everything goes to the poor; we have a right only to what remains" - Vivekananda 

Gandhi said, "There is enough for everyone's need but not enough for anyone's greed." 

A friend said, , "Accumulation is theft so one is just giving back what one has stolen. Charity and philanthropy are both false concepts.". By accumulating far more than our daily wants, we have deprived them of their daily wants. The earth has only enough for everone's needs ... We have to return what we have taken - that is all.

We, the educated, sit in the planning commission and other committees and make laws that secure our positions. A poor man taking something to assuage his hunger is termed a thief. We, sitting on vast surplus, while fellow people are undernourished have termed ourselves in law as honest ! In an ethical community, one person would not be allowed to possess more than twice or four times as another ... 'there is anough for everyone's need, but not enough for anyone's greed.'. 

In our 'future security (insecurity)', is hidden another's man's starvation.
  For today's need if an insecure spiderhunter started storeing spiders for all its and its children's futures ... it'll create a decaying pile that will pollute the earth.  

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