Thursday, 29 May 2014

after the cataract operation (2)

Eashwaramma's eye is better - the pain is less and the clarity is more than before operation. 'Everything used to be dim, and now I can see even far away things'. God bless all those who helped her to this.

Her calf died, as she told me in tearless sorrow. When all one has in this world is a cow and a calf - the loss is something like a complete crash. What can one do or say ? She also loved the calf dearly, and told me that its body was buried near the tank. The there days she was away for the operation she guesses that it must have grazed on something inappropriate while Kavya took it grazeing.

Kavya is doing all the house work. And has given up hopes of a Chennai holiday. Cheerfully. She has to cook, get firewood, collect water, feed the cow, cut grass, graze it ... and she understands that Eashwaramma is advised total rest. Her maturity breaks my heart. And I am thinking of cancelling the 'vacation' for all the children ... so at least she is not the only one without a 'holiday' ...

And then ...

Eashwaramma's eye is paining she said, and that she has a severe headache. Then it transpired that she went grazeing the cow in the hot sun within days of her caratect surgery. Kavya and Sasi are getting into fights over who should graze, and neither go. I am unable to blame Kavya, because she is a small child being overworked as the grandmother is incapacitated, and she has to run to show. Sasi, her younger brother is a scamp. Now when all the village children are coming to Chennai for a 'vacation', she is denied that as she has to graze the cow. My heart breaks ... but she seems quite accepting of the reality. I suppose she has had to accept many many realities since her father's murder, and since she has been in total care of Eashwaramma.

I told Eashwaramma to just stall feed the cow, but there is no fodder.

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